Is Vanilla Bean Low FODMAP?

Vanilla is such a common flavour that we don’t even think about where it comes from! Well, the vanilla flavouring that we love actually comes from the fruit of a type of orchid. The pods contain seeds and it is these pods we are talking about today. If you love fresh vanilla pod flavouring then you might be wondering, is vanilla bean low FODMAP?

Yes, vanilla bean is low FODMAP. It only contains traces of FODMAPs so you can use it in your cooking and baking with ease.

Low FODMAP: Yes!

Portion Size: Unlimited

Eating Vanilla Bean on a FODMAP Diet

Vanilla itself is not usually a problem on a low FODMAP diet. It is low in FODMAPs and you wouldn’t usually use enough for it to become high in FODMAPs.

The problems occur with the foods that vanilla bean has been added to. These are often high sugar and high FODMAP foods so it can be easy to assume that vanilla is high FODMAP too.

This isn’t the case so if you make your own low FODMAP treats you can use vanilla bean without worrying too much.

Recommended Vanilla Bean Portion

There is no real recommended portion available but you wouldn’t use more than a pod in most recipes and vanilla only contains trace amounts of FODMAPs so as long as you don’t overdo it, you should be fine. 

With Vanilla Beans, a Little Goes a Long Way

How to Use Vanilla Bean

Vanilla bean can be tricky to use if you are not sure how. In general, you would slice the vanilla pod in half and scrape out the seeds within. This is the vanilla flavouring you would add to your recipes. 

Make Vanilla Extract

Not everyone is a fan of artificial vanilla flavouring and prefer to use vanilla bean instead. If you prefer a more natural flavour you can make your own vanilla extract. Simply slice the pod in half lengthways and scrape out the seeds. Mix these with some vodka and leave it to infuse for a good eight weeks.

With this type of recipe, the longer you can leave it the better! When it comes to using it remember you will only need a very small amount in your food.

Use Vanilla Beans in Baking

Instead of reaching for vanilla essence or extract you can pop vanilla bean straight into your baking recipe. Scrape out the insides of the vanilla bean and pop it in. You shouldn’t need more than a pod or two for most recipes. 

Add Vanilla Bean to Smoothies

Are you a fan of smoothies? Well, you can add a little flavour by using vanilla beans. Half the pod with a knife lengthways and then scrape out the seeds inside. Pop these into your low FODMAP smoothie with your other ingredients and blend them together. 

Low FODMAP Vanilla Bean Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing vanilla bean that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Vanilla-Related Products

Vanilla bean is an expensive form of vanilla that you probably won’t use daily. Vanilla comes in many other forms but are these all low FODMAP too?

Is Vanilla Essence Low FODMAP?

Vanilla essence is low FODMAP and a great way to add sweetness to your deserts. If you are careful you can even add a little to your coffee to add both sweetness and flavouring.

Is Vanilla Flavouring Low FODMAP?

Most natural vanilla flavourings will be low in FODMAPs. But, you do need to be careful of using flavourings that contain sugars, sweeteners and other ingredients. These may contain ingredients that are high in FODMAPs.

Is Vanilla Ice Cream Low FODMAP?

Ice cream is dairy and very sweet which isn’t a good mixture when it comes to FODMAPs. Unfortunately, even vanilla ice cream is high in FODMAPs and you should take care when eating it.

If you have access to non-dairy ice cream then you may be able to eat a little but check the ingredients very carefully before eating. FODMAPs can sneak into all sorts of foods.

So, Is Vanilla Bean Low FODMAP?

Vanilla bean is the natural form of vanilla flavouring that comes right from the plant. It is low FODMAP and can be used in many types of desserts to add that delicious vanilla flavour we all know and love. 

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