Is Tenderstem Broccoli Low FODMAP?

Tenderstem broccoli is a milder variety of broccoli that is a little softer and has a lot less stalk. Not everyone likes the tough stalks of broccoli so if this is you then this type of broccoli is a great alternative.

But, is tenderstem broccoli low FODMAP and can you eat as much of it as you like on your low FODMAP diet?

Yes, tenderstem broccoli is low FODMAP. Tenderstem broccoli can be treated similarly to any type of broccoli and can be eaten in portions of around 75 grams.

Low FODMAP: Yes!

Portion Size: 75 Grams

Eating Tenderstem Broccoli on a FODMAP Diet

The florets of broccoli tend to be lower in FODMAP to the stems or stalks. Tenderstem broccoli has quite a long stalk but it is much more similar to the floret in texture when compared to your usual broccoli.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it is lower in FODMAP so if you want to really make sure your diet is as low FODMAP as possible then chop off the stems and use the florets only. 

Recommended Tenderstem Broccoli Portion

Broccoli can be eaten in portion sizes of 75 grams and remain low FODMAP. Tenderstem broccoli itself hasn’t been tested but should have similar properties so the same portion size is recommended.

Just remember that different people react in different ways so be careful to listen to your body and how it reacts to food and adjust your portions accordingly. 

A Low FODMAP Portion of Tenderstem Broccoli is Around 75 Grams

How to Use Tenderstem Broccoli

Broccoli is one of those vegetables that people seem to love or hate but it can be delicious when used in these ways. 

Sautee Tenderstem Broccoli as a Side Dish

If you don’t like boiled broccoli then sautee it instead. Chop the tougher parts of the stalks off and cut the florets in half or to your preferred size. Drizzle a little oil in a frying pan and heat it.

Once the oil is hot pop the broccoli in and stir fry it for about five minutes. As it cooks, season with a pinch of salt and pepper. 

Pop Into Smoothies

A smoothie can be made a little healthier if you pop some broccoli into it. You can eat broccoli raw so pop your florets right into your blender with the rest of your ingredients and blend. You can benefit from all those extra nutrients. 

Make a Delicious Soup

Broccoli can be made in a delicious soup. Boil some up with some other low FODMAP vegetables. Season and blend to a soup texture. Then you can eat it as a snack or as part of a meal. 

Low FODMAP Tenderstem Broccoli Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing tenderstem broccoli that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Common Broccoli FAQs

When it comes to considering whether tenderstem broccoli is low FODMAP or not, here are a few other questions that will crop up:

Is Broccoli Low FODMAP?

Broccoli, like tenderstem broccoli, is low FODMAP. They are closely related after all! You should still stick to sensible portions of around 75 grams and if you really want to make sure your food is low FODMAP then chop off the stalks and only eat the florets. 

Are Vegetables Low FODMAP?

Whether or not vegetables are low FODMAP very much depends on the veggies you are eating. Each one has its own properties and nutrients. Some are higher in FODMAPs but you will find that most are low enough in FODMAPs to include on your diet.

If you are new to a low FODMAP diet then it is worth checking each vegetable you use to see the recommended portion size.

So, Is Tenderstem Broccoli Low FODMAP?

Tenderstem broccoli is a milder, softer and some might argue, more delicious version of the broccoli we are all used to. Luckily, in portion sizes of 75 grams or less. It is low FODMAP too.

You can cook it as you would any vegetable and it makes a delicious side dish or even part of the main meal if you pop it into your soup, stew or stir fry.

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