Is Taco Seasoning Low FODMAP?

Are you looking to spice up your meals a little? You might be wondering if taco seasoning is the answer! Well, things get a little difficult to navigate when it comes to FODMAPs and any type of food that includes a mix of ingredients.

So, is taco seasoning safe or should you add it to your avoid-at-all-costs list?

Is Taco Seasoning Low FODMAP? No, taco seasoning is not low FODMAP because most contain onion and garlic. If you find a seasoning mix that excludes these two ingredients then you may be able to use it on your low FODMAP diet.

Taco Seasoning on a FODMAP Diet

Taco seasoning, and other similar seasonings, are very difficult to buy while following a low FODMAP diet.

This isn’t because all of the ingredients are high in FODMAPs. Many of them are actually low in FODMAPs, including chilli powder. However, almost all of these seasoning mixes include onion and garlic powder.

It is these two spices that cause most of the problems with seasoning mixes. Both garlic and onion are very high in FODMAPs and should be avoided as much as you possibly can.

It is even recommended that you avoid eating them all together while following a low FODMAP diet. 

Is Taco Seasoning IBS-Friendly?

It is unlikely that taco seasoning would be IBS-friendly simply because most will contain onion or garlic powders which can instantly cause flare-ups.

Many people who suffer from IBS are also impacted by the presence of chilli flakes which many taco seasonings will contain. Instead, it’s far better to come up with your own, IBS-safe spice mixes.

Low FODMAP Alternatives to Taco Seasoning

When it comes to seasonings always check the ingredients list carefully. Many seasonings contain onion and garlic which should be avoided while following a low FODMAP diet.  If you can’t find a suitable seasoning to buy then you only have one option left:

If you want to add a smokey heat to your cooking then a teaspoon of paprika is a fairly easy way to do so without having to put together complex mixes. You can get sweet and hot paprika too.

Mexican Hot Sauce
Proper Mexica hot sauce (not cheap supermarket ones) usually have a simple ingredients list and can be a great way to add Mexican heat to dishes. Cholula has a low FODMAP hot sauce, for example.

Chipotle Chilli Flakes
Supermarkets now offer far more than they used to and make will sell a small pot of chipotle chilli flakes. These are spicy, smokey and full of Mexican notes. A pinch goes a long way!

How to Make Your Own Taco Seasoning

If you really want those Mexican flavours without the FODMAPs then you are only left with the option to make your own seasoning mixes. You can’t use all of the flavours you would usually get but you can make a delicious alternative.

Make up your own taco mix using two tablespoons of chilli powder, two teaspoons of ground cumin, two teaspoons of paprika, a teaspoon of salt, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

This should keep your homemade tacos low enough in FODMAPs to enjoy. Just make sure you watch how your body reacts and adjust the recipe according to your personal tolerance levels for herbs and spices.

Other Questions

Below are a few related questions on taco seasoning and whether you can enjoy it on a low FODMAP diet:

Is Chilli Powder Low FODMAP?

Chilli powder on its own is actually low in FODMAPs. So, you can have a little in your diet. Just be careful of any packets or jars because chilli powder or foods containing chilli powder often also include garlic and onion powders. Both of these are very high in FODMAPs.

Is Garlic Powder Low FODMAP?

As delicious as garlic is, it is unfortunately very high in FODMAPs. It is actually one of the food types that are most concentrated in FODMAPs which is why it should be avoided. This is the same if it is fresh garlic, dried or even as a garlic powder. 

Are Tacos Low FODMAP?

If eating out or ordering a takeaway then tacos should be avoided because they usually contain lots of high FODMAP ingredients. However, if you make your own at home using low FODMAP ingredients and limiting your portion sizes of some low and moderate FODMAP foods then you may be able to eat a taco or two occasionally. 

Final Summary

If you are looking for a quick and easy shop-bought taco seasoning then you are likely to be out of luck. Most of them will include onion and garlic and therefore be considered high FODMAP.

If you have a little time then you can make some delicious taco seasoning at home instead that excludes these ingredients. If you are eating out it might be best to avoid the taco’s just to be sure you aren’t inadvertently eating a lot of extra FODMAPs.

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