Is Spinach Low FODMAP?

We all know that greens are good for us but it isn’t always easy to know what to eat and what not to eat when you need to eat a low FODMAP diet.

In the early days of cutting out FODMAPs from your diet, it can seem like a daunting prospect, especially when it comes you your vegetables. Some veggies are fine and others may set off IBS symptoms. So what about spinach? Is spinach low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Spinach is low FODMAP and you can include it in your low FODMAP diet. You can even eat a good amount of up to 120 grams of spinach.  Some people may struggle with raw spinach but this is down to your body and how it reacts.


Eating Spinach on a FODMAP Diet

Spinach is one of those leafy greens that are really good for you. It’s nutrient-dense and packed full of plenty of vitamins, minerals and goodness. It’s also a really versatile food that you can eat raw, cooked or even lightly steamed so that it is somewhere in between the two.

You do need to be a little careful of raw spinach as some people find that their digestive systems struggle to cope. This will be something to test and see how your body reacts.

If you are lucky then raw spinach is a delicious addition to many salads and juices.

Recommended Spinach Portion

In order to keep your diet low FODMAP then you do still need to watch your portion sizes. Spinach has been tested by Monash University and you should be fine to eat portions of around 120 grams of spinach.

More than this and the FODMAP’s can start to build up and you may start to struggle with it.

FODMAP Tip: 120 Grams of Spinach is a Low FODMAP Portion

How to Use Spinach

Spinach is delicious both hot and cold which makes it super versatile as well as good for you.

Be cautious when trying raw spinach as it can cause some symptoms in some people. If in doubt try a little and see how your body reacts. If it’s fine try a little more next time and see how you go.

You will soon find your own natural tolerance and be able to adjust your diet to suit.

Add Spinach To Your Smoothie

If you can stomach raw spinach then pop some fresh leaves into your blender with your other favourite ingredients and blend it into a delicious green smoothie full of goodness.

Just be careful not to include too many FODMAP ingredients in it as these can start to build up and cause you problems.

Spinach Smoothie FODMAP

Make A Spinach Salad

Spinach makes a delicious base for a healthy salad. Mix in with your lettuce leaves and salad ingredients and season with your favourite dressing. Either eat as a salad for lunch or serve it with your dinner for some extra vegetable goodness.

Steamed Spinach As A Side Dish

Spinach is great with most meals and it’s so easy to cook. To ensure you get maximum goodness lightly steam it. Stir through some butter or your favourite alternative and serve with meat or plant-based protein for a filling meal full of natural goodness.

Low FODMAP Spinach Recipes

If you’re looking for tasty recipes containing spinach that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Common Spinach FAQs

If you’ve got a question about spinach, leafy greens or vegetables in general then these might go some way to helping you out:

Is Spinach OK with IBS?

Spinach is generally OK for anyone suffering from IBS. This is especially true for cooked and wilted spinach. Some IBS suffers experience bloating when eating raw spinach in a salad or smoothie.

It’s worth slowly introducing raw spinach into your diet to see if it has an impact on your particular body.

Is Kale Low FODMAP?

If you want to add some variety to your leafy greens then you can include kale too. Kale is low FODMAP and you can eat about 135 grams of kale chopped and cooked. This is about one cup of kale and is a great way of getting a little variety into your diet.

Quick Summary

Spinach is one of those vegetables that are great for you. It is low FODMAP and you can eat up to a cup of it in one portion! This is about 135 grams and is more than enough for a portion of greens to add to your meals.

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