Is Sourdough Low FODMAP?

There are few areas more difficult to navigate when you have digestive system issues than bread and bread-based food products. The wrong type of flour or the wrong bread and you have a recipe to flare up your digestive system.

However, there must be some types of bread that are better than others? This is why we are wondering if sourdough is low in FODMAPs.

If you were to choose a type of bread to eat on a low FODMAP diet then sourdough would be among the better types as it is lower in FODMAPs than other types. With this in mind, you can usually get away with a slice or two but try not to overdo it. 

Eating Sourdough on a FODMAP Diet

Sourdough is considered to be lower in FODMAPs than other types of bread because of how it is processed and made. Sourdough is made from a live yeast culture that is left to ferment for days.

Some people keep their sourdough starter alive for years! Sourdough bread is made from making bread dough and adding this culture to it. 

It is this culture that is thought to be the reason that sourdough bread is lower in FODMAPs. The live culture eats away at those FODMAPs and reduces the final amount in the bread.

Because of this, you should always check the bread you buy to ensure it is a genuine sourdough made from a live culture and not a sourdough style bread. 

Another thing to be aware of is if your chosen bread contains other ingredients. Sourdough loaves of bread containing honey, garlic, tomato and onion may taste delicious but they are less likely to be low FODMAP. Always makes sure your bread flour base is either wheat or spelt.

Recommended Sourdough Portion

Even when eating sourdough bread you should ensure that you keep your portions to two slices of bread or less. Luckily this is the perfect portion size for most meals! 

Ideally, Stick to Just One Slice of Sourdough!

How to Use Sourdough

You can treat sourdough bread like you would any type of bread dough. It’s a tasty and low FODMAP alternative that is versatile and easy to use.

Delicious Sourdough Toast

If you love toast for breakfast then we have some good news. You can still have your morning toast. All you need to do is switch out your usual high FODMAP bread for genuine sourdough bread instead.

Make a Sourdough Open Sandwich 

Sourdough bread has a lovely flavour and texture and you can use it to make a sandwich with a difference. Instead of using your bread to enclose your ingredients pop one slice of sourdough bread onto a plate and load up your ingredients on the top. You could even pop it under the grill for a delicious warm sandwich. 

Make a Sourdough Pizza Base

Make yourself a low FODMAP pizza by making up a sourdough base and topping it with your favourite ingredients. Be careful of the toppings though, especially the cheese as these may be high in FODMAPs. Check your measurements and portion sizes and you should still be able to make a delicious pizza.

Low FODMAP Sourdough Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing sourdough that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Bread-Related Products

Bread, as you are well aware, doesn’t just come in the form of sourdough. So are other types of bread also low FODMAP or not?

Is White Bread Low FODMAP?

White bread isn’t technically low in FODMAPs but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat a little of this delicious food. Stick to one slice at a time and only start to eat it when you are over any exclusion stages of your low FODMAP diet. 

Is Brown Bread Low FODMAP?

Brown bread is usually made from a whole grain so is often called wholewheat. Make sure you are sure what type of bread you are buying before you get it home though because not all types of bread and grains are the same.

Be wary of multi-grain or seeded loaves because these may contain high FODMAP ingredients.

Whoever, for purely wholewheat bread you should be okay to eat a slice or two as a portion once you are past any exclusionary stages of your low FODMAP diet.

Quick Summary

Bread is a food staple we all love but it isn’t always diet-friendly. This is especially true for a low FODMAP diet. However sourdough is one of those types of bread dough that contains fewer FODMAPs so you may be able to enjoy it in small portions of a slice or two with a meal.

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