Is Rice Low FODMAP?

When you first start a new low FODMAP diet it can seem that almost everything you are used to eating is now not allowed! This is true for so many foods it can be difficult to know what to eat.

When it comes to grains this gets even more difficult. You might be wondering if you can still eat rice on your new diet so let’s take a look and answer the question, is rice low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Rice is low FODMAP and you can eat it in portions of up to around 190 grams when it has been cooked. This is plenty for a good meal and you can make some delicious dishes that fill you up and taste great too.


Eating Rice on a FODMAP Diet

As with many types of foods when trying to decide whether to include rice in your low FODMAP diet things can get a little difficult because there are so many varieties!

Monash University has tested four types of rice (white, brown, basmati and red) and luckily all of these are now considered to be low in FODMAPs.

The great thing about this is that you can cook all sorts of recipes with these types of rice and they are the most common type of rice you will find on supermarket shelves.

You may want to be a little careful of trying other types of rice especially wild varieties or those that haven’t been tested such as jasmine or black rice. If you are buying rice premade and ready to microwave you will need to check the ingredients carefully to ensure that no extra FODMAPs have snuck into the product.

You should be able to tell this from the ingredients list but if in doubt stick to the rice you know your digestive system can cope with.

Recommended Rice Portion

In order to keep FODMAP levels down when consuming rice, you do need to keep within recommended portion sizes, especially when you start out on your new diet.

After you have established your low FODMAP diet and are able to start experimenting then you can test and try different things including your portion sizes to see how your body copes.

A recommended portion size is 190 grams of cooked rice. This should equal about a cup of cooked rice. This is more than enough for one meal for one person so you shouldn’t be left feeling hungry at the end of your meal

FODMAP Tip: 190 Grams of Cooked Grains Remains Low in FODMAPs

How to Use Rice

Rice is one of the more versatile foods you can have in your cupboard! You can make delicious desserts, tasty meals and lots of lunches and snacks too. Here are a few for you to try.

Make A Low FODMAP Rice Pudding

Let’s start with dessert and make a sweet rice pudding that you and your family will love to eat after a Sunday dinner or just as a treat. Grab some white or basmati rice, some sugar and your favourite low FODMAP milk.

Coconut or almond can give the dessert some extra pep so why not try one of these?

Heat the milk until it is almost boiling then add your rice and simmer. Add the sugar and allow it to continue cooking for around 20 minutes. Stir it regularly to stop the rice from sticking and then serve with a little cinnamon.

Low FODMAP Rice Pudding

Make A Lunchtime Rice Salad

Rice is delicious hot or cold. Just be careful if you choose to eat it cold because it can make you sick. Always keep it in the fridge at all times and eat it immediately when you take it out of the fridge.

Don’t let it sit at room temperature.

To make your salad cook up some rice in either water or stock for added flavour and allow it to cool. Chop up some low FODMAP veggies and stir these into the cold rice. Add seasoning and dressing to taste – delicious.

Low FODMAP Rice Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing rice that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Rice Products

As you’re probably aware, rice comes in a range of types, grain styles and lengths. We’ve covered a few of the popular rice types below so you know what you can and cannot eat on a low FODMAP diet.

Types of Rice FODMAP

Is Brown Rice Low FODMAP?

Like most rice varieties, brown is also low FODMAP and everything on this page can be applied to brown rice. This means, to keep the FODMAPs down, you should limit one serving to 190 grams.

Is Risotto Rice Low FODMAP?

Risotto rice is just a form of white rice. Generally speaking, it is a short grain such as arborio. The good news is that you can cook up a bowl of heart-warming risotto and the FODMAPs will be kept at bay.

Is Wild Rice Low FODMAP?

Wild rice is one variety we would avoid consuming excessively from the get-go. No conclusive tests have been completed on the FODMAP concentration in wild rice. If you’re keen to include it in your diet then slowly introduce it.

Common Rice FAQs

There are a few common questions asked when it comes to rice and following a low FODMAP diet. We’ve tried to cover these questions below:

What Kind of Rice is Low FODMAP?

There is a range of rice types that are low FODMAP. White, brown and red rice varieties are all low FODMAP if you keep the portions below 1 cup or approximately 190 grams.

Is Rice OK with IBS?

Everybody reacts differently when suffering from IBS but, in general, rice doesn’t appear to impact people greatly and rarely causes bloating. This is great news as rice makes up the bulk of a variety of dishes.

Quick Summary

Rice is one of those foods that you don’t have to worry about changing too much when you start cutting FODMAPs out of your diet.

The recommended portion size of 190 grams of cooked rice is plenty as part of a meal and most types of commonly bought rice are low in FODMAPs.

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