Is Quorn Low FODMAP?

When you want something filling and tasty as a vegetarian or vegan, Quorn is a fantastic option. It takes on flavour beautifully and is full of protein to keep you full.

Following these diet lifestyles can be tricky enough without having to add in low FODMAP restrictions too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Quorn was safe to eat?

Is Quorn Low FODMAP? Yes, Quorn is low FODMAP. You do have to keep your portions of Quorn to 75 grams or less to ensure your meal remains low FODMAP. Another thing to be careful of is flavours and other ingredients because these may not be low FODMAP.

Quorn on a FODMAP Diet

Quorn is a plant-based meat substitute that is a great protein substitute for anyone following a plant-based diet.

You may assume that Quorn is made from Tofu but it isn’t. It actually comes from a fungus that is known to be high in protein and rich in micro-nutrients. Aside from the nutrient benefits the best thing about Quorn is how well it takes on flavours.

Marinade some plain Quorn for a little while and it will absorb all those lovely flavours and provide the basis for a delicious meal.

When it comes to Quorn and how low FODMAP it is, it does depend on the size of your portion. This is true of many types of foods so it shouldn’t prove too much of a difficulty when including this into your diet.

Perhaps, more important than the serving size is actually how you buy your Quorn. Plain Quorn on its own is low FODMAP if you keep to recommended portions.

However, as soon as you start buying already flavoured Quorn, Quorn that has been turned into a beef or chicken substitute or even Quorn that has been made into a meal, then you may start to find a few problems.

These problems are not with the Quorn itself but with the extra flavourings. Onion, garlic and other herbs and spices are often added to add flavour but these may not be low FODMAP and it is worth keeping an eye on when you next reach for the Quorn. 

What is a Low FODMAP Quorn Portion?

When you use Quorn it is important to accurately measure it out because you need to keep your portions to around 75 grams or less. At this serving plain Quorn is considered to be low FODMAP.

If your serving sizes exceed this then you may start to find your meal quickly becomes high in FODMAPs.

Limit your portions of Quorn to 75 grams per serving

Is Quorn IBS-Friendly?

If you stick to plain Quorn which you then turn into a delicious meal yourself then it is perfectly safe to enjoy if you have IBS.

The opposite is true if you buy a Quorn ready-meal or even Quorn that has been turned into a simple product such as sausages or burgers.

Tips for Eating Quorn on a Low FODMAP Diet

Below are our top 3 tips for eating Quorn on a low FODMAP diet. If you’re just getting started with eating Quorn then these are a great place to start:

Consider Other Ingredients
If you are going to buy sausages, burgers or even chicken pieces from the Quorn range then make sure you do a thorough check of the ingredients.

Stick to Buying Plain Quorn
Simply avoid buying ready-made Quorn dishes, burgers or sausages which may contain garlic, breadcrumbs or onion. Instead, make your own dishes from plain Quorn mince.

Check Out Other Meat-Alternatives
Quorn isn’t the only meat-free option out there. Most are made in the same way. Check out the ingredients list of any you come across in the supermarket to see if they’re low in FODMAP ingredients.

How to Use Quorn

Quorn has so many uses it can be hard to know what to eat first! A general rule for Quorn is that you can use it in almost any way you would have usually eaten meat you can substitute a type of Quorn.

Here are some ideas:

Make Bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese is a delicious meal for the whole family. As long as you choose low FODMAP ingredients and watch your serving sizes then you can still make a delicious bolognese that is plant-based too!

Fry up your ingredients as usual and instead of adding in minced beef, pop in some minced Quorn instead. You won’t even know the difference!

Make Plant-Based Burgers

Nothing beats a homemade burger and you can still enjoy this delicious treat when you switch to a plant-based diet and keep it low FODMAP too!

Pop some minced Quorn into a bowl and sprinkle in your favourite low FODMAP herbs and spices. Mix together and bind with an egg (or aquafaba for vegan burgers) and shape into burger patties.

Bake in the oven or grill and then assemble your burger. 

Quorn Curry

Quorn is the perfect protein to add to curry. Pick out your low FODMAP ingredients and marinate your Quorn with your favourite herbs, spices and a little oil.

Then make your curry as usual and instead of popping in your meat, choose some Quorn chicken substitute or chunks instead.

Low FODMAP Quorn Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing Quorn that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Questions

Below are a few further questions about Quorn that you may be of use:

Is Tofu Low FODMAP?

If you want a bit of a change from Quorn then you can always try Tofu too. This is another great alternative to adding meat into your meals and can be just as delicious too.

There is more great news, Tofu is also low FODMAP! You do have to be careful and make sure you pick the right type of Tofu though. Firm or extra firm tofu is considered to be low FODMAP.

If you prefer the softer varieties then unfortunately you are out of luck because these are higher in FODMAPs.

What Meat Substitutes are Low FODMAP?

Besides Quorn, you can also use a combination of lentils, chickpeas, tempeh, tofu or other grains which are all great meat substitutes that are also low FODMAP.

Final Summary

Not only is Quorn plant-based and delicious but it is low FODMAP too! Great news for everyone trying to follow both a low FODMAP and a plant-based diet.

You do have to be careful of any other ingredients that may have been added but as long as you stick to the plainer types of Quorn and keep your portions within the recommended amounts you can enjoy a healthy Quorn meal as part of your low FODMAP diet. 

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