Is Peanut Butter Low FODMAP?

It isn’t easy to know what you can and can’t eat when following a low FODMAP diet but if you suffer from allergies or IBS then sticking to this style of eating can make a huge difference to your life. But, following a low FODMAP diet doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your food or even include some of your favourite foods into your diet. This is why you are here wondering, is peanut butter low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Peanut butter is low FODMAP as long as you stick within the recommended portion sizes of 32 grams or about two tablespoons. If you creep over this portion size, you’ll find the FODMAP levels increase dramatically.


Peanut Butter on a FODMAP Diet

The great news is that peanuts and peanut butter are both considered low FODMAP. This means that you can include them in your diet as long as you are careful and don’t overdo it. As with many food products whether or not it is considered low FODMAP is entirely down to how much of it you eat in one go. This is why your portion sizes are so important when following this diet.

Peanuts are fantastic for you when eaten in small amounts. They are high in folate, healthy fats and even contain some antioxidants. All the more reason to add some delicious peanut butter into your diet.

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Recommended Peanut Butter Portion

When eating whole peanuts the recommended amount to eat to ensure you stay low FODMAP is 32 nuts which should equal approximately 28 grams. This can be a little difficult to equate to peanut butter as obviously the nuts are ground up finely in order to turn it into butter.

As a general rule, you should only eat two tablespoons in one go which would be around 32 grams if you want to weigh it out and be sure.

Make sure you check the labels on any peanut butter you buy to ensure that it doesn’t contain any other nasty ingredients that may not be low FODMAP. If you can try and buy peanut butter made from 100% peanuts.

How to Use Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is pretty easy to use and you can turn it into some amazing low FODMAP treats. Take a look at these ideas.

Spread Peanut Butter on Your Favourite Snacks – Sometimes the traditional methods of eating your favourite foods are the best! Make sure you have some low FODMAP snacks on hand such as small portions of low FODMAP bread or even rice cakes in very small amounts. Spread the peanut butter over them and enjoy!

Use Peanut Butter As A Dip – It might seem like an odd idea but peanut butter works wonderfully as a dip. Chop up some of your favourite low FODMAP veggies or even fruits such as apples and then dip them into the peanut butter for a delicious snack. Delicious and good for you!

Bake With Peanut Butter – If you love a sweet treat then you can still bake on a low FODMAP diet, you just have to use your ingredients and portion sizes carefully. Peanut butter is an excellent way of adding delicious flavour to your baking. Make yourself some low FODMAP cookies or even some low FODMAP peanut butter brownies.

Is Almond Butter Low FODMAP?

Almond butter is also low FODMAP as long as you stick to low portions. So allow yourself one tablespoon of almond butter and it is just as delicious as peanut butter.

Is Almond Butter Low FODMAP

Is Cashew Nut Butter Low FODMAP?

If you want something a little different then you can try a different nut butter such as cashew nut butter! It has a slightly sweeter taste than peanut butter and is delicious. Luckily, cashew nut butter is also low FODMAP. You do have to watch your portions and stick to a 10-gram portion which would be about a tablespoon.

Quick Summary

If you love peanut butter then there is no need to worry. You can still enjoy it as part of a healthy low FODMAP diet. Just stick to 28 grams or two tablespoons and make sure you check the label carefully before you buy your peanut butter,

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