Is Mozzarella Low FODMAP?

Cheese is difficult to include in the diet of those following a low FODMAP diet. Usually, you can get away with small amounts of FODMAPs in your food but does this apply to all cheeses? For example, is Mozzarella low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, mozzarella is considered to be moderately high in FODMAPs but as long as you stick to portions of around 40 grams then you can include a little of this delicious cheese into your diet.

Low FODMAP: Not Quite!

Portion Size: 40 Grams

Eating Mozzarella on a FODMAP Diet

Luckily for anyone who loves to melt cheese on their food, mozzarella is considered low FODMAP. You do have to stick to the guidelines on portion sizes though. Monash University has tested it as well as a lot of types of cheeses for their FODMAP content.

Lactose is the problem with cheese and it is a type of sugar called disaccharide. This is found in most dairy products which is why so many of us who suffer from FODMAP intolerances also struggle with lactose intolerance too. 

Recommended Mozzarella Portion

When it comes to using mozzarella you do need to be careful of the portion size. If you eat too much the cheese can quickly go from being low FODMAP to high FODMAP.

The recommended portion size is 40 grams. Luckily this is plenty for most recipes to give you that creamy oozing flavour.

You Can Get Away with Up to 40 Grams of Mozzarella

How to Use Mozzarella

Mozzarella has a unique property that makes it absolutely fantastic. It melts really well! This makes it perfect for any recipe that requires melted cheese. It’s why it is a key ingredient of most pizza’s.

If you are looking for some ways to use it, we have some here:

Make a Toasted Sandwich

Substitute cheddar cheese for mozzarella in your toasted sandwich. It has a milder flavour that is a little more creamy and works really well with ham, chicken and lots of veggies.

Melt it Over Your Food

If you are a cheese lover then it is hard to argue against the idea that anything tastes better with cheese! Whilst this not be entirely true, cheese does have a lot of uses.

Think of all those foods where you melt a little extra cheese on the top or add cheese to it. This tip is simple. Where you would normally add a little melted cheese try using mozzarella instead.

It has a much milder flavour than cheddar and melts so well. Try it on pasta or sprinkle it over a cottage pie to add a little taste of cheese melting over the top – delicious.

Make Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are a delicious snack and can be made as a starter or as part of a meal as a side dish.

This is an easy dish to make but it does take a little preparation. Freeze your mozzarella into sticks and par-cook some bacon. Then wrap the sticks in the bacon and bake for about 5 minutes. 

Low FODMAP Mozzarella Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing mozzarella that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Is All Cheese Low FODMAP

Cheese is generally high in dairy and lactose which makes most types of cheese high in FODMAPs.

If you want to eat some cheese and still stay on your low FODMAP diet then the good news is that you can. However, you do need to take care.

The best thing to do is check each type of cheese you plan to use before eating it and only use the recommended portion size for that type of cheese.

So, Is Mozzarella Low FODMAP?

Mozzarella has far more uses than just being put on pizza and it’s low FODMAP too! You will need to be careful of your portion sizes because too much and will become high in FODMAPs very quickly.

Luckily, the recommended portion of 40 grams is enough for most recipes. 

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