Is Marmite Low FODMAP?

Marmite has been dividing people’s opinions for years! But, whether you love it or hate it, one thing is sure, it is a handy food item to keep in your kitchen cupboard. It has more uses than you think.

From the usual use of spreading it on your toast in the morning to baking with it. You can even use it as a condiment to recipes to give your meals an extra kick. But can you enjoy it if you’re following a low FODMAP diet?

Is Marmite Low FODMAP? Yes, Marmite is low FODMAP. You can still include some on a low FODMAP diet. There isn’t much information on how much you should stick to so keep your portions reasonable which shouldn’t be too hard as a little marmite goes a long way. 

Marmite on a FODMAP Diet

It would be easy to assume that marmite would fit into the high FODMAP end of the FODMAP scale. Other spreads, such as jam, are usually full of sugar and cause a range of FODMAP issues. However, marmite is different. 

Marmite is a yeast extract, where yeast is concentrated to the sticky spread we now know and love. It was actually first created as a by-product of brewing beer! When it comes to FODMAPs little is known except for anecdotal experiences of others with digestive issues.

Marmite hasn’t actually been tested for FODMAPs but many people who avoid FODMAPs have found they can include it in their diet.

What is a Low FODMAP Marmite Portion?

As marmite hasn’t been tested we can’t fully give you the perfect amount for what would be considered low and high FODMAP. However, we would advise you to use it with caution and test yourself and your own tolerances.

The best thing about marmite is that you need so little of it to have a big flavour impact. So, it’s unlikely that you will ever be able to spread enough on your toast for it to cause you a FODMAP problem. 

Keep portions low as Marmite hasn’t officially been tested for FODMAPs

Is Marmite IBS-Friendly?

Every stomach is different as you well know. What might be OK for one IBS sufferer can cause major flare-ups for another. If you’re yet to test Marmite then introduce it very slowly into your diet to see if it has an impact.

Tips for Eating Marmite on a Low FODMAP Diet

If you want to include Marmite in your low FODMAP diet, then give these 3 top tips a try:

Pimp Up Sauces with Marmite
When you next make a spaghetti bolognese or almost any type of sauce give it a little kick of extra flavour by stirring a teaspoon of Marmite into it as you cook. It won’t overpower the dish with Marmite but it will give the dish that little something extra.

A Little Goes a Long Way
Marmite is punchy which means you don’t need to use spoonfuls of the stuff to get a hit of flavour. A small teaspoon will be plenty to spread over a piece of cheese on toast.

Check Non-Branded Copies
Many supermarkets will sell their own version of Marmite but the ingredients may differ. If you opt for the non-branded version then make sure you check the ingredients carefully first.

How to Use Marmite

You might assume that marmite only has one use: On bread. But, this condiment has some surprising uses you may not have considered before. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Savoury Drink

Many of us have heard of using Bovril as a drink but did you realise you could do the same with marmite? It might seem odd but for a savoury drink marmite can be delicious and it’s easy to make too!

Boil the kettle and stir about half a teaspoon of marmite into the water. Add some cool water to adjust the temperature and enjoy a warming drink. 

Marmite Roast Vegetables

Your roast potatoes and roast veggies can be pepped up by spreading a teaspoon of marmite over them before cooking. This is not one for those who dislike marmite but the taste won’t be too overpowering and will just give the veggies a new flavour. 

Marmite Burger Sauce

Next time you have a burger at home, instead of popping on some ketchup, bbq sauce or mayo spread a little marmite on instead! Delicious and with just a hint of flavour that really adds to the whole burger. 

Low FODMAP Marmite Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing Marmite then you might struggle. But these two recipes are perfect for topping with a little drizzle of Marmite:

Other Questions

There are a couple of obvious marmite-like products you may also find on the supermarket shelves. But are they also suitable for a low FODMAP diet or not?

Is Vegemite Low FODMAP?

Vegemite is very similar to marmite and is enjoyed the world over as a yeast extract spread. The great news is that it is considered low FODMAP so you can continue to eat it.

Is Bovril Low FODMAP?

Bovril is a beef extract mixed with a yeast extract so is similar to marmite. There are differing views on whether or not it is low FODMAP. It does contain rye which can be a high FODMAP however it would all depend on how much you plan to use.

Use this product with care and be aware you may be including some FODMAPs in your diet.

Final Summary

Whichever side of the ‘love it or hate it’ fence you sit one thing is for sure – marmite can be eaten on a low FODMAP diet! Great news if it is a staple for your breakfast toast and even better to use in other recipes.

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