Is Ketchup Low FODMAP?

Ketchup is one of the most prevalent condiments you find in kitchens. It is these types of food items that can cause us the most problems when starting a low FODMAP diet. FODMAPs can often sneak into these foods which is why we are wondering, is ketchup low FODMAP?

Yes, ketchup is low FODMAP in portions of 13 grams. This is around one sachet so if you like a lot of ketchup with your meal then you may need to curb your portion sizes a little.

Ketchup on a FODMAP Diet

Ketchup is one of those store cupboard items that we don’t even think about. Almost every single kitchen has a bottle or two in the cupboard (or fridge, depending on your preference).

When you start a low FODMAP diet, suddenly you have to start considering every single thing in your kitchen and ketchup is no different. 

Ketchup is one of those odd foods where you would think it is high FODMAP – everything is stacked against it but when you look it up, it actually is considered to be low FODMAP. 

As with most foods, there are a few caveats surrounding ketchup and FODMAPs:

Firstly, the ingredients do matter and different recipes and brands will have different ingredients and differing levels of FODMAP ingredients. As such, there may be some brands you want to steer clear of.

This will depend on the types of ingredients used and how the ketchup is sweetened and which herbs, spices and flavourings have been added. Most kinds of ketchup contain at least onion flavouring and others may contain higher amounts.

The second thing to consider is the portion size. One of the major reasons you can include some ketchup into a low FODMAP diet is because of the very small portion sizes. Most people only use very little at a time which means the FODMAPs contained in the ketchup aren’t stacked high enough to make it high in FODMAPs.

What is a Low FODMAP Ketchup Portion?

Tomato ketchup is one of those things that if you do include on your low FODMAP diet you need to be careful. Too much and it quickly becomes high FODMAP.

If you take into account that ketchup also often contains onion and garlic and you can see why you need to be so careful.

So, keep your portions to 13 grams which is around one small sachet if you are eating out and you should be okay to include a little in your diet. This is just enough to give you a taste of the sauce without overdoing it. 

One thing to bear in mind is that different ketchup brands have different ingredients so you may find some brands work better for you than others. A little trial and error should help you decide which ketchup is best for you.  

Limit your portions of Ketchup to 13 grams per serving

Is Ketchup IBS-Friendly?

In general, ketchup is IBS-friendly but this does depend on the brand. A generic, tomato ketchup will usually be fine. It’s when you start buying the fancier, more artisanal brands that things can become problematic.

Many, more expensive ketchup varieties will be loaded with garlic, spices and herbs which can all have an impact on anyone suffering from IBS. We’d recommend sticking to the plainest ketchup you can find.

Tips for Eating Ketchup on a Low FODMAP Diet

If you’re going to eat ketchup on the low FODMAP diet, then there are a few things you’ll want to bear in mind before diving in:

Check Those Ingredients
Unfortunately, some ketchup brands will add in high FODMAP ingredients – mainly onion and/or garlic. Before you buy any ketchup, give the ingredients list a once over just to be on the safe side.

Use in Moderation
Fortunately, a little goes a long way but it’s easy to get carried away. You need to stick to careful portions when consuming ketchup so make sure you use it in moderation.

How to Use Ketchup

You might think there is only one way to use ketchup but you couldn’t be more wrong. Here are some ideas.

As a Dip, Of Course!

Let’s start with the most obvious and common reason to use ketchup. Use it to dip your chips in or as an accompaniment to your meal. Just maybe sure you use sachets or weight out your portion.

Mixed with Mayo

Add a little variety to your sauces by mixing ketchup with a touch of mayonnaise. The resulting sauce is a delicious creamy dipping sauce that is just as delicious as ketchup. 

In Your Cooking

When you are making a meal with a sauce and it feels like something is missing add a dollop of ketchup. The sweetness of the ketchup along with the tomato base can really pep up a boring sauce. This works with soups, stews and even bolognese.

Low FODMAP Ketchup Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing ketchup that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Questions

Got more questions about eating ketchup on a low FODMAP diet? Then these may help you:

Are Tomatoes Low FODMAP?

Fresh tomatoes are considered to be low FODMAP which is great news because they make a great base for all sorts of cooking. You do need to be careful if you are using pastes or lots of tomatoes because these can start to FODMAP stack and maybe high in FODMAPs.

Is Catsup Low FODMAP?

Believe it or not but catsup is actually the same as ketchup. Catsup is the original name for the sauce we now know and love but you can use either word interchangeably.

The original idea behind catsup or ketchup is thought to originate in an old Chinese fish sauce called ke-tsiap. Although, the recipe has been modified a lot from this sauce!

Final Summary

Ketchup or tomato sauce is considered to be low FODMAP as long as you keep your portions to around 13 grams. Ketchup does contain some high FODMAP ingredients but these are usually in such small quantities it doesn’t prove to be a problem.

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