Is Hummus Low FODMAP?

Everybody loves a delicious hummus as a dip with tortilla chips, raw vegetables or even crisps.

It also works well in a sandwich with salad and you can use it as a dip with all sorts of meals if you wish. Hummus pairs so well with other low FODMAP vegetables it is no wonder we are asking, is hummus low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

You can eat hummus on a low FODMAP diet as long as you stick within the guidelines for portion size which is two tablespoons. We would also recommend you make your own so you can be sure of which types of chickpeas are being used and that no other high FODMAP ingredients sneak in.


Eating Hummus on a FODMAP Diet

Chickpeas are the key ingredient in hummus and these are a food you have to be careful with. Luckily, you can have hummus in small amounts on your low FODMAP diet.  Although, this doesn’t come without problems.

You should make your own hummus at home if you can because there is no telling the processes and ingredients that have been added to a hummus you eat elsewhere. These may well not be low FODMAP at all.

To make your own low FODMAP hummus you need to make it at home, from scratch using canned chickpeas. Canned chickpeas are the only type of chickpea that it is recommended you eat on a low FODMAP diet. This is because much of the fructose contained in the chickpea has leached out into the water.

So make sure you drain the water from the chickpeas and rinse your chickpeas to remove any leftover water too.

This will ensure that many of the FODMAPs will be washed away and you are left with chickpeas suitable for making into hummus. Then you can make your hummus as usual and allow yourself a small amount with a meal.

Recommended Hummus Portion

The recommended portion of hummus on a low FODMAP diet is about two tablespoons of hummus. You may find that any more than this and the hummus will start to become high FODMAP and can cause you issues.

FODMAP Tip: A Recommend Low FODMAP Portion of Hummus is Only 2 Tablespoons

How to Use Hummus

Hummus has plenty of uses, here are a few for you to take a look at.

Use Hummus as a Delicious Dip

The most obvious way to use hummus is the more traditional use you are likely to be familiar with – that is to use it as a tasty dip.

You can use it with your favourite raw vegetables for a healthy and low-calorie snack or treat yourself with some tortilla chips.

Hummus on a Low FODMAP Diet

Use Hummus as a Sandwich Spread

If you want to liven up your usual salad sandwich then instead of butter try using hummus. It adds flavour, protein and it’s low FODMAP!

This is great when paired with meats such as ham, it works well with a cheese sandwich and makes a big difference to a plain salad sandwich.

Add Hummus to Your Salads

Salad is a great meal to have at lunchtime, especially if you are watching your waistline. However, it can become a little dull if you eat the same salad day after day.

You can add a little variety and delicious flavour by adding a little hummus on the side. Use it as a dip or drizzle it over the top.

Low FODMAP Hummus Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing hummus that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Hummus Products

Chickpea hummus isn’t the only form of hummus. There is actually some variety when it comes to eating hummus. Here are a few examples and whether they’re safe for you to consume or not:

Is Beetroot Hummus Low FODMAP?

Only two slices of beetroot is low FODMAP so, provided that you only eat a little beetroot hummus and you have made it yourself (and therefore avoided garlic etc) then beetroot hummus can be low FODMAP.

Is Tahini Low FODMAP?

Tahini is low FODMAP provided that you keep a close eye on the portion size. Unfortunately, only 1 tablespoon is low FODMAP. If you increase this to 2 tablespoons then the FODMAP levels increase dramatically.

Common Hummus FAQs

Below are a couple of related questions that seem to crop up frequently:

Are Chickpeas Low FODMAP?

Chickpeas are a difficult one to answer about whether they are low FODMAP or not. The answer is that you can eat chickpeas or use them to make hummus if you use small canned chickpeas and rinse them well.

The FODMAPs tend to leach into the water over time which means much of the problem will be in the water. So, always throw this away and rinse the chickpeas well before using them to ensure they are as low FODMAP as possible.

Are Chickpeas Low FODMAP

Is Aquafaba Low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, if you were planning on making vegan meringues then you’ll have to find another way because aquafaba is high FODMAP and should be avoided when following a low FODMAP diet.

Quick Summary

Hummus can be eaten in small amounts as part of a low FODMAP diet. We would recommend that you make your own where possible to ensure that you know exactly what has gone into the hummus and that canned chickpeas have been used.

These are the only type of chickpea you should include on a low FODMAP diet so it is important to know exactly what ingredients are in your hummus before eating it.

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