Is Ginger Low FODMAP?

Ginger is a delicious herb that adds a warmth or mild spice to your meals. It’s delicious in curries, sauces, teas and even your desserts! Is this versatile herb something you have to cut your of your diet if you struggle with IBS and digestive issues?

Is ginger low FODMAP for example?

The Quick Answer

Yes, ginger is low FODMAP. Not only is ginger low FODMAP but it also has lots of health benefits. This doesn’t mean you can go all out and eat as much as you like. You will still need to stick to reasonable portions to remain low FODMAP.


Eating Ginger on a FODMAP Diet

Ginger is surprisingly low in FODMAP’s, so much so that when it was tested by Monash university they could find hardly any! Ginger might be one of the few foods that really help your digestive system.

A little ginger tea has been shown to help with all sorts of ailments, from period pain to indigestion.

Unfortunately, despite this, you still need to be taking care of your portion sizes. A little too much of anything can cause issues during the elimination stage of a low FODMAP diet.

Recommended Ginger Portion

A recommended portion size is about a teaspoon of ginger. This may seem like a small amount but in reality, this amount of ginger is a huge amount! It’s such a flavourful herb that you don’t need much to have a big impact.

FODMAP Tip: 1 Teaspoon of Ginger is a Low FODMAP Portion

How to Use Ginger

Ginger is one of those herbs that has a lot of uses. Here are just a few you can try.

Make Honey and Ginger Tea

If you have a sore throat or cold then you can’t beat a delicious honey and ginger tea. It’s warming and helps soothe a sore throat wonderfully. It’s also just a delicious tea to drink whenever you feel like it.

Pop a small slice of ginger into some boiling water with a teaspoon of honey and let the mixture brew for a few minutes. Strain the liquid and pour it into a cup and then enjoy.

Use Ginger in Curries and Sauces

Most recipes can be pepped up with a little ginger in. Curries and slightly spicy sauces are perfect. Just grate a little fresh ginger into your sauce as you cook – delicious! Just don’t overdo it though.

Ginger has a very strong flavour so you don’t need much to have a big impact.

Marinate Chicken

Chicken lightly marinated in ginger is absolutely delicious. It’s super easy to do too! Pop your chicken into a bowl and drizzle with some oil. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and grate some fresh ginger into the mixture.

Coat the chicken well and leave it in the fridge to marinate for an hour or two before cooking.

Add Some to a Smoothie

If you love a morning smoothie then you can pep it up a little with some ginger. It’s great for you and it tastes amazing. All you need to do is make your usual smoothie and grate a touch of fresh ginger into it.

Don’t add too much, even a tiny amount can overpower the flavour.

Use Ginger in Baking

Ginger cookies, cakes and more! Ginger has so many uses and can add a lot of flavours to even the most basic recipe. For something a little different why not make some ginger and lemon cookies?

There are lots of recipes available that use ginger so dig out your recipe books or even just try adding a little fresh or ground ginger to your usual low FODMAP baking recipes.

Low FODMAP Ginger Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing ginger that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Ginger Products

Ginger comes in many forms and many products. But, like ginger, are these also low FODMAP? Let’s find out:

Is Ginger Tea Low FODMAP?

In general, ginger tea will remain low FODMAP, especially if you have made it yourself. Just be careful when out and about as some ginger tea will be sweetened with honey or other high FODMAP syrups.

Is Ginger Beer Low FODMAP?

Ginger beer or ale will usually be low FODMAP but it’s always worth checking the ingredients for prime high-FODMAP suspects which often crop up in fizzy drinks. We’ve written a whole article about what to look out for in fizzy drinks.

Is Ground Ginger Low FODMAP?

If you don’t have any fresh ginger on hand then you can always use a little dried and ground ginger instead. Stick to smaller portion sizes of maybe half a teaspoon and you should be fine and be able to get some of those amazing health benefits into your diet.

Quick Summary

To add flavour to almost any meal you can’t beat ginger! It’s low FODMAP, full of flavour and great for you! So add it to your baking, make it into a tea or just cook with it as a herb. There should be no need not to enjoy ginger as part of your low FODMAP diet.

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