Is Fennel Low FODMAP?

Fennel is an interesting food. It comes in a bulb form, much like an onion or garlic does and it has a very distinctive flavour that works in both sweet and savoury dishes. It even makes a delicious flavoured herbal tea! However, you might be wondering, is fennel Low FODMAP?

No, fennel is not low FODMAP. But it is also not high in FODMAPs. With careful portion control, fennel can be enjoyed on a low FODMAP diet.

Low FODMAP: Sort Of

Portion Size: 49 Grams

Eating Fennel on a FODMAP Diet

Fennel is one of those foods that have a very distinctive flavour and the only thing that could be considered to be like it is anise seeds.

It’s a delicious herb and vegetable that is added to all sorts of things but it does contain two types of FODMAPs. These are sorbitol and mannitol. 

The fact that fennel contains some FODMAPs isn’t too surprising. After all, many foods that are considered low FODMAP contain some FODMAPs and are still fine to include on a low FODMAP diet.

The same is true for fennel. You just have to watch your portion size and keep it to within the recommended portion.

Recommended Fennel Portion

You can use up to 49 grams of fresh fennel in your cooking. This should be plenty to add that delicious flavour. Fennel has a strong flavour which means that you don’t need to use too much to get the benefits of it! 

A Low FODMAP Portion of Fennel is 49 Grams or Less

How to Use Fennel

Fennel is one of those things we have in our spice cupboard but don’t often use. If you aren’t sure how to use it we have some ideas for you. 

Make a Fresh Fennel Tea

Chop up some fresh fennel fronds and pop it into a tea strainer or by using your usual method for making loose leaf tea.

Pour over some boiling water and let it steep for a few minutes or until the flavour is to your desired strength. Then add a llittle cold water and enjoy your fresh fennel tea.

Dice Fresh Fennel and Use in Sauce and Salads

Chop up some fennel into small, fine chunks and pop it into your sauces. As it cooks, it will add a delicious flavour that will add a new depth to your usual recipes.

If you don’t have fresh fennel then you can sprinkle a pinch of dried fennel into your recipe instead.

Sprinkle Some Fennel Over Salads

Liven up your salad with a sprinkling of fennel. Chop the fennel up finely and sprinkle a small amount over your salad as a topping. Be careful not to add too much because this is a strongly flavoured food!

Low FODMAP Fennel Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing fennel that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Fennel-Related Products

Fennel doesn’t just come in the form of the vegetable bulb or the fronds. The flavour can also be found in similar products. But are these also low FODMAP?

Are Anise Seeds Low FODMAP?

Anise seed has a similar flavour to fennel seeds but a much stronger flavour. Perfect if you want a stronger taste or if you have run out of fennel. 

Luckily small amounts of anise seeds are low in FODMAPs too. It would be difficult to overdo this pungent flavour so you shouldn’t need to add too much.

Are Fennel Seeds Low FODMAP?

If you like adding fennel flavour to your dishes using dried fennel seeds then you can! Just keep your portions small and to one teaspoon full. Thankfully, this is more than enough for most recipes.

So, Is Fennel Low FODMAP?

Fennel is such a delicious food and it is the perfect herb to have in your store cupboard too. You can add it to most meals to change the flavour entirely and luckily it is low FODMAP!

Great news, but you do still need to watch portion sizes and use 49 grams or less in one serving.

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