Is Cucumber Low FODMAP?

Cucumber is often an overlooked vegetable. It is the filler in a salad or an addition to a crudité board. It is only when you start a restrictive diet that you start to look at foods differently and work out what foods can make up the bulk of your diet. So, where does cucumber sit on this scale? Is cucumber low FODMAP?

Yes, cucumber is low FODMAP. In fact, it is considered FODMAP free! This means you can eat it as much as you like when following a low FODMAP diet.

Low FODMAP: Yes!

Portion Size: Unlimited

Eating Cucumber on a FODMAP Diet

Cucumber is considered a FODMAP free food but always take this label with a pinch of salt because it doesn’t mean the food contains no FODMAPs at all. It just means that when it was tested it was found to have no FODMAPs in it at a set serving size.

There is still reason to celebrate though. Cucumbers are so low in FODMAPs that you don’t need to worry too much about them. You are free to make yourself lots of cucumber heavy salads or even work out ways to use cucumber as a vegetable on its own. 

Recommended Cucumber Portion

You can be fairly free with your use of cucumber which will seem refreshing. Just bear in mind that cucumber has been tested at portion sizes of about 64 grams so are only considered to be FODMAP free at the serving size.

Go Wild! Cucumber is Reported to FODMAP Free

How to Use Cucumber

Cucumber is more than a last-minute addition to a salad. It can be a delicious side dish all on its own. Here are some ideas to try. 

Add Plenty of Cucumber to Lunchtime Salads

When you start a low FODMAP diet even your usual lunchtime salad needs to be adjusted. Instead of using lots of lettuce and other ingredients bulk out your salad with plenty of cucumber.

You can still add your other ingredients but they tend to contain higher numbers of FODMAPs so you can reduce these and bulk up on cucumber instead. 

Cucumber Makes a Great Healthy Snack

When you have that mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump instead of reaching for something healthy try some cucumber instead. Pick a low FODMAP dip and chop up some cucumber to use as a dip.

It’s delicious and takes enough time to eat for your brain to start to register that you are no longer hungry.

Make a Cucumber Starter

Stuffed cucumbers make a great low FODMAP starter or even for a light lunch. Trim the ends off your cucumber and cut it in half. Cut each half into halves lengthways and then scoop out the seeds in the middle.

Leave a little of the cucumber flesh around the edge. Next, make a mixture of tinned tuna and your favourite flavours and pop this filling into the middle of the cucumber and serve.

Substitute Cucumber for Bread for Canapes

Even at a dinner party, you can offer your guests a low FODMAP appetiser. Instead of bread rounds use cucumber instead, Slice your cucumber into rounds and then pop your chosen canape ingredients on the top.

These are delicious and much better for you. 

Low FODMAP Cucumber Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing cucumbers that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Cucumber-Related Products

There are a few ingredients we all associate with cucumber and the salads we often make with cucumbers. But are these ingredients also low FODMAP?

Is Celery Low FODMAP?

Celery can easily become high FODMAP if you don’t stick to the recommended portion size. Rather than weight, you can go by the length of the stalk. Less than 5 centimetres is considered low FODMAP but any more than this and it can become very high FODMAP very quickly.

When being served meals that contain celery be careful because you never know how much celery has gone into the dish. 

Is Cucumber Salad Low FODMAP?

Cucumber salad can be very low in FODMAPs providing you check the ingredients. Salads heavy in higher FODMAP foods such as garlic and onion may not be suitable.

However, if you make your cucumber salad freshly at home you can ensure it is both delicious and low FODMAP.

Are Tomatoes Low FODMAP?

Fresh tomatoes that you normally use in a salad are low FODMAP and can be used fairly freely, much like cucumber. The exception to this is tinned tomatoes which can have higher level of fructose.

So, Is Cucumber Low FODMAP?

Cucumber is one of the few foods that is considered to be FODMAP free at the suggested serving size. Great news if you are looking for a new salad vegetable to bulk out your lunchtime meals or to eat as a snack.

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