Is Corn Syrup Low FODMAP?

The most commonly known type of corn syrup is high fructose corn syrup and this has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to diets.

But things can surprise you on a low FODMAP diet as some foods can be low FODMAP even when you don’t expect it. So, what about this delicious sweet treat?

Is Corn Syrup Low FODMAP? No, corn syrup is not low FODMAP. The easiest to buy is high fructose corn syrup which is high FODMAP and should be avoided.

Corn Syrup on a FODMAP Diet

Corn syrup can be a dangerous area to navigate because there are two types of corn syrup. The high fructose type is often added to foods to sweeten them and help act as a preservative. This is very high in FODMAPs and should definitely be avoided. 

However, there is some hope.

If you are looking for corn syrup to add to a recipe then you may be able to find some brands that are called corn syrup but are actually liquid glucose. These should be fine to add in very small amounts to your diet.

Always check the label if you are buying corn syrup and if in doubt avoid it completely. If you notice corn syrup added as an ingredient to the food you buy then it is best to avoid that food because it may be higher in FODMAPs than it looks. 

Is Corn Syrup IBS-Friendly?

Just because a food is not low FODMAP, does not necessarily mean it is not IBS-friendly. And this is the case for corn syrup. The debate about whether it’s good or bad IBS sufferers will wage on (as it does here). Ultimately, it’ll come down to you and your stomach.

Like most foods, overindulging will ultimately lead to bloating. If you decide to eat the odd food containing corn syrup then you’ll probably be just fine.

Low FODMAP Alternatives to Corn Syrup

All is not lost, even if you can’t eat corn syrup. You can still add sweetness to your diet and recipes without using corn syrup. A good option is to just use sugar. Sugar is mostly made up of glucose which isn’t a FODMAP so in small portions of about 14 grams you can still use this. 

Honey makes a good alternative. It is technically a high FODMAP so you will have to use it carefully. But some people have found that they can stomach half a teaspoon of honey in a portion.

Be very careful when it comes to sweeteners. Some may be fine but many are made using fructose and sucrose which are high in FODMAPs

Other Questions

Below are a few common queries that get asked when considering whether or not corn syrup is low FODMAP:

Is Golden Syrup Low FODMAP?

In large amounts, golden syrup is not a low FODMAP sweetener. You can usually get away with having small portions in your diet though. Stick to portions of 7 grams and it should be low enough in FODMAPs to be okay.

Is Treacle Low FODMAP?

To be safe, treat treacle or molasses as a high FODMAP item. Definitely don’t consume large portions of it. Black treacle is one of the worst offenders so avoid this type completely. Golden treacles may be fine at portions of 7 grams or less.

Is Honey Low FODMAP?

Honey is one of those food products that are technically a high FODMAP but in very small portions people have found it is low enough in FODMAPs to eat.

These portion sizes are very small due to the high number of fructans contained in honey. Most kinds of honey are fine to eat in portions of a teaspoon or 7 grams. If you have wildflower, clover or special types of honey then you may need to reduce this down to around half a teaspoon.

You will also have to watch how your body reacts closely. Some people have a higher tolerance than others. If you react badly to a little honey then it is best to avoid it completely. 

Final Summary

If in doubt, it is best to avoid corn syrup. If you are buying it yourself then you may be able to buy some pure glucose types of corn syrups which are fine to add into your diet in small amounts.

But if there is even a hint of syrup being a high-fructose corn syrup then avoid it and any food containing it completely as it is a very high FODMAP.

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