Is Corn Low FODMAP?

Following a low FODMAP diet isn’t easy and it can be difficult to navigate what you can eat and how much of it. You must be wondering, is corn low FODMAP? Well, keep reading because this is what we will be discussing in this article.

The Quick Answer

Corn can be low FODMAP but you do need to keep a very close eye on your portions. 45g would be the highest portion of corn to consume to ensure it remains low FODMAP.


Corn on a FODMAP Diet

If you are trying to follow a low FODMAP diet then you have probably already found that it isn’t always easy to know what to eat or how much of it, especially when it comes to your favourite foods. If you suffer from the effects of FODMAPs, with IBS for example, then the pain just isn’t worth the risk of eating something that will trigger this. This is where we will try and help so that at least you know how you can use corn on a low FODMAP diet.

Corn is high in sorbitol which gives it that sweet taste we love but this is considered high FODMAP.

How much sorbitol you eat in the corn makes a big difference to whether it’s considered high or low FODMAP. A whole ear of whole corn on the cob would be considered high FODMAP. However, if you prefer your corn canned or off the cob then you can eat a much smaller amount and this is considered low FODMAP.

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Recommended Corn Portion

For fresh, frozen or canned corn, you should only be eating a maximum of 38 to 45 grams of corn per portion. So if you want to include a little corn in your meal then you can, just don’t overdo it.

Luckily, 45 grams of corn is plenty to get the taste of this deliciously sweet veggie and you don’t need much of it to feel satisfied. As with any type of food when you are dealing with health issues you will need to watch your own body and how it reacts and work out if this is the right portion for you. Everyone is different and will react differently.

How to Use Corn

Corn is fairly easy to use and include on a low FODMAP diet just take a look at these ideas.

Corn as a Side Dish – Sometimes the traditional ways are the best and you can keep it simple when it comes to corn. Heat up your corn by steaming or boiling, drain any water and pop some butter into the dish and server. Delicious as well as simple.

Corn Fritters – Fritters can make for a delicious meal or snack and you can add some corn and make some corn fritters that you and your family will love. Use grated carrot as the base for the fritters and add corn, eggs and your favourite seasonings from chilli to paprika. Mix together and pop into a pan to fry until they are cooked through. Delicious!

Is Corn Bread Low FODMAP?

This quick bread is made with corn and is traditionally eaten in parts of Turkey and North America but is it low FODMAP?

This is another yes, but type of answer. If you eat very small amounts then this can be considered low FODMAP. So stick to one slice as even having two slices pushes it into high FODMAP territory.

Are Corn Tortillas Low FODMAP?

To answer this question you need to check the fibre content of the tortillas. If they are made with corn and do not have a lot of fibre and gums added then you can usually get away with a serving of about three tortillas. However, if there is added fibre and gums then you would only be able to eat two tortillas before they would be considered high FODMAP.

Corn Tortillas Low FODMAP

Is Corn FLour Low FODMAP?

Yes! Corn flour, or to use its other name corn starch, is low FODMAP if you are using servings of less than about 100 grams. Great news if you want to add this to baking recipes to provide some low FODMAP options into your diet.

Quick Summary

Like a lot of vegetables, you don’t have to completely forfeit corn and remove it from your diet entirely. You do, however, need to keep a close eye on the portions you’re consuming if you want to both enjoy corn while keeping the FODMAP levels low.

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