Is Coconut Milk Low FODMAP?

Dairy and many milk products can be a huge problem for IBS sufferers or anyone who finds that a diet high in FODMAPs causes uncomfortable bloating or in some cases, worse symptoms.

It can be tricky to find a good alternative for milk you can have in your coffee and not suffer afterwards. There are plenty of kinds of milk for you to try but how about giving coconut milk a try? Is coconut milk low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Coconut milk is considered low FODMAP as long as you ensure it is FODMAP friendly UHT coconut milk. Be careful though, there are also a lot of coconut milk that when tested show they are high in FODMAPS.


Drinking Coconut Milk on a FODMAP Diet

As with many types of food when you are trying to follow a low FODMAP diet things can get a little tricky when you try coconut milk. Whether your coconut milk is low or high FODMAP can depend on how and where it was tested, how much you have and how the coconut milk was processed.

Some coconut milks, when tested, are found to be high in FODMAPS. Some coconut milks will have added sugars which can increase the levels so always check the ingredients lists and avoid sweetened coconut milk.

However, Monash University has tested some UHT coconut milk and found that as long as you stick within the recommended portion size then the coconut milk is considered low enough in FODMAP to be drunk as part of a low FODMAP diet.

This is a relatively small 125ml or less so be careful even when you have found a FODMAP friendly coconut milk to use.

It is likely that you can use UHT coconut milk because a large percentage of them is actually water! When it comes to fresh or canned coconut milk things get even more difficult.

These are considered to be high in FODMAPs so you need to keep your portion sizes very small or avoid them completely.

Recommended Coconut Milk Portion

When using UHT coconut milk you can drink or use up to 125ml in one serving. If you go over this amount then the coconut milk can become high FODMAP very quickly.

Even if you only increase this to 150ml you can find the coconut milk is suddenly very high FODMAP.

For tinned coconut milk, you need to keep your portion size even lower – about a quarter of a can. This is because this form of the milk is considered high FODMAP.

FODMAP Tip: Stick to 125ml of Coconut Milk to Keep Levels Low

How to Use Coconut Milk

Now that you know you can enjoy coconut milk on a low FODMAP diet, you might be wondering how to go about enjoying it? Well here are a few ideas for you to get stuck into:

Make A Smoothie

Coconut milk is a delicious addition to your breakfast smoothie. Instead of water add a small amount of coconut milk into your blender with your ingredients.

Once blended the coconut milk adds some delicious sweetness and it also helps make the smoothie smooth and creamy tasting.

Use Coconut Milk In Hot Drinks

You can substitute UHT coconut milk for your usual dairy or soy milk to give your hot drink a delicious flavour and be lower in FODMAP’s. This is also the perfect alternative for vegans and vegetarians.

Low FODMAP Coconut Milk Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing coconut milk that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Coconut Products

Coconut can be found in other forms, of course. But are these other forms of coconut also low FODMAP or not?

Is Coconut Water Low FODMAP?

Coconut water is that delicious liquid that comes fresh out of a coconut. It’s a wonderfully refreshing drink, especially on a hot day but it is not suitable if you are following a low FODMAP diet.

This contains a lot of natural sweeteners and these are high in FODMAs so to be safe you should avoid using coconut water either as a drink or in your cooking.

Low FODMAP Coconut Water

Is Coconut Oil Low FODMAP?

Coconut oil is considered low in FODMAPS as long as you use up to a tablespoon. The great news is that about a tablespoon is all you need to use coconut oil as an alternative to your usual cooking oils.

Common Coconut Milk FAQs

There are also a number of common queries we come across when discussing coconut milk which you may find of interest below:

Is Coconut Milk Bad for IBS?

Thankfully, research suggests that coconut milk is not bad for IBS sufferers. As with any food, if you do notice bloating or other issues after consuming coconut milk then eliminate it from your diet to see if your symptoms improve.

What Milk Alternative are Low FODMAP?

Besides coconut milk, there are a number of other milk alternatives you can enjoy if you’re following a low FODMAP diet. These alternatives include almond milk, soy milk and hemp milk.

Quick Summary

Coconut milk is low FODMAP as long as you are careful and choose the right one. You need to look for UHT coconut milk and avoid any fresh coconut milk or even coconut milk in a tin.

These are much higher in FODMAPs. Even when you find coconut milk that is suitable, you need to be careful and keep your portion size to 125ml or less.

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