Is Chocolate Low FODMAP?

Everybody loves chocolate even though we know it isn’t really very good for us. During celebrations and holiday times chocolate is one of the first types of food we reach for.

This can be difficult when you are following any type of diet and it isn’t any easier if your diet style is a low FODMAP one. So, let’s find out the thing we are all wondering, is chocolate low FODMAP?

There is both good news and bad news when it comes to chocolate. It can be low FODMAP but only if you limit your portion sizes. The portion depends on the type of chocolate you prefer.

Eating Chocolate on a FODMAP Diet

Lactose is the FODMAP problem contained in chocolate. It isn’t all bad news though. If you are very careful with your portions and even the type of chocolate you eat then you can still include a little chocolate on your low FODMAP diet.  

It is important to consider the lactose content of your chocolate. Some types contain more lactose than other types of chocolate. So, take this into account when choosing your chocolate.

One general rule of thumb to follow is that the whiter the chocolate, or the more milk it contains then the higher in lactose and therefore FODMAPs it is. 

Recommended Chocolate Portion

Your portion size of chocolate is where things start to get tricky. Not all chocolate is equal when it comes to FODMAPs so take this into account when eating your treat. White or milk chocolate is higher in FODMAPs than dark chocolate so you can eat a little less of it.

For milk and white chocolate stick to portions of 20 grams or less. For dark chocolate, you can increase the portion size to 30 grams. 

20 Grams of Milk or White Chocolate is Low FODMAP. Eat Dark Chocolate to Increase this to 30 Grams

How to Use Chocolate

When you don’t have a lot of chocolate to use you want to make sure you make it last as long as possible! Here are some ideas for using chocolate on a low FODMAP diet.

Bake with Chocolate

Baking with chocolate or using it as a decoration is one way to make your chocolate feel like it’s going further. You can usually add the flavour without overdoing the portions.

So pop a few chocolate chips into your favourite low cookie or cake recipe or use melted chocolate to decorate your cupcakes. 

Use Melted Chocolate as a Sauce

Melted chocolate tends to feel like it’s lasting longer and going further. You can use your melted chocolate to dip berries into it for a delicious treat or drizzle melted chocolate over your ice cream, cake or dessert to get a little chocolatey flavour without overdoing the portion size.

Eat Chocolate Sparingly as a Treat

If you can’t live without a chocolate treat then you are not alone! However, instead of reaching for a whole bar allow yourself a square or two as a treat.

This way you can get the flavour and satisfaction of eating chocolate whilst limiting the amount you eat in one serving.

Low FODMAP Chocolate Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing chocolate that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Chocolate-Related Products

Below are some more specific details on different types of chocolate you might want to enjoy when following a low FODMAP diet:

Is White Chocolate Low FODMAP?

White chocolate isn’t technically low FODMAP but you can still eat it if you are careful with your portions. White chocolate is high in milk content which means it contains lactose which is a FODMAP.

Therefore keep your portions of white chocolate to less than 20 grams. 

Is Milk Chocolate Low FODMAP?

Milk chocolate is almost equal to white chocolate in lactose content which means you need to control your portion size.

You can usually get away with eating a portion of around 20 grams before the food becomes high in FODMAPs.

Is Dark Chocolate Low FODMAP?

Dark chocolate does contain FODMAPs, namely lactose but it is present in slightly lower amounts than other types of chocolate. The good news is that this means you can eat slightly more of it.

You do still need to watch your portions and eat portions of around 30 grams or less to avoid the chocolate ending up being high FODMAP.

Is Drinking Chocolate Low FODMAP?

Drinking chocolate is high in FODMAPs but you may still be able to enjoy a hot chocolate treat occasionally if you are careful.

Where possible choose drinking chocolates that are made from high-quality chocolate as these tend to be a little FODMAP friendlier than cheaper alternatives. Next, you need to watch your portion size. Use no more than two to four teaspoons of chocolate powder in your drink. 

The great news about drinking chocolate is that you can also bake with it. You don’t have to completely avoid those chocolate muffins forever! 

Quick Summary

Chocolate is a tricky one when it comes to low FODMAP diets. Chocolate is generally made from milk which is high in lactose and is a FODMAP.

However, if you are careful you can still enjoy a small amount of portion as part of your low FODMAP diet. If you want to ensure you make the most of your allotted chocolate allowance you can use it to bake with or melt it to make it go a little further.

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