Is Cashew Milk Low FODMAP?

One of the hardest things about following a low FODMAP diet is having to give up dairy milk. This is such a staple in our diets that it is no wonder we turn to plant-based alternatives.

But, not even plant-based milk is always low FODMAP. Cashew milk is one you might be considering as a worthwhile swap but is it?

Is Cashew Milk Low FODMAP? No, cashew milk is not low FODMAP like other nut milk alternatives. Instead, try drinking almond or coconut milk.

Cashew Milk on a FODMAP Diet

It would be easy to assume that cashew milk would be like other types of nut milk and be low in FODMAPs but unfortunately cashew nuts are higher in FODMAPs than other nuts and, therefore, the milk isn’t considered to be low FODMAP always!  

Whilst this applies to many types of cashew milk there are a few that have been certified by Monash University and can be drunk. These are only available in some places and will be marked clearly as low FODMAP.

So, if you see some grab it and give it a try, especially as it will usually have an extensive shelf-life. You will still need to keep your portions to around 1 cup to remain low FODMAP but if you love cashew milk it’s worth giving this certified FODMAP-friendly cashew milk a try.

Is Cashew Milk IBS-Friendly?

Unfortunately, in some cases, cashew milk is not IBS-friendly. It actually depends on how high the quality of the milk is and the ratio of cashews they have used.

If the use of cashews is high then the FODMAP levels are likely to be high which can then leads to bloating. If, however, the milk you have selected is particularly low in cashews then it should be OK.

However, it can be tough to find suitable cashew milk which is why it’s probably a good idea to opt for different plant-based milk.

Low FODMAP Alternatives to Cashew Milk

Although it can be tricky to drink cashew milk on a low FODMAP diet, all is not lost. There are plenty of other types of plant-based milk that you can drink. Here are some great alternatives:

Almond Milk
Almond milk is a firm favourite for a delicious alternative to dairy milk in coffee. It has a lovely rich flavour and as long as you keep your portions to lower than 125ml then you should be fine. 

Soybean Milk
When it comes to soy milk, things can get a little more difficult because not all types of soya milk are made equally.

If you want to add this milk into your diet then you need to find soy milk that is made from the protein of soybeans. This is soybeans that have been hulled.

Another thing you will need to be wary of is any milk that is made from the whole soybean. These do contain FODMAPs and should be avoided. If you can find the right type of soybean milk then you should be fine to enjoy it in portions of up to 250ml.

Coconut Milk
Coconut is another delicious milk and if you are looking to use it as a dairy alternative then you are best looking for the UHT type of coconut milk. This can be used in your hot drinks, drunk on its own or used in your cooking.

You do still need to watch your portions and keep them to lower than 125ml.

Other Questions

Below are some common queries that get asked when discussing whether or not cashew milk is low FODMAP:

Which Nut Milk is Low FODMAP?

Fortunately, there are a number of nut milk varieties that remain low in FODMAPs. The easiest swap is almond milk. As it can be found in most supermarkets, it’s the option we would go for.

Is Goat’s Milk Low FODMAP?

Goat’s milk does still contain some lactose although it is slightly lower than cow’s milk. This does mean that, in most portions, it is high FODMAP. However, you can enjoy less than 30ml in a serving.

Is Cow’s Milk Low FODMAP?

When it comes to dairy milk from cows, it contains a high amount of lactose which is a FODMAP so it is best to avoid unless you can source a lactose-free cow’s milk.

Are Cashew Nuts Low FODMAP?

Cashews are high in FODMAPs, unfortunately. You should take care with these nuts because even in small amounts and servings they can be very high in FODMAPs and set off any intolerances and digestive issues you may suffer with.

Final Summary

Whilst cashew milk isn’t low FODMAP there are lots of nut-based and plant-based milk you can try so you don’t have to miss out on your milky tea or coffee in the morning.

In fact, many of these types of milk add a delicious new flavour to your drinks and meals.

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