Is Brandy Low FODMAP?

When it comes to celebrations, occasions or even a quiet drink on an evening, it might seem like there is a multitude of choices. But, unfortunately, when following a low FODMAP diet or any type of restrictive diet the list of available drinks seems to get smaller. So, can you drink brandy or not?

Is Brandy Low FODMAP? No, brandy is not low FODMAP. Alcohol, in general, is difficult to include on a low FODMAP diet so where possible it is best to avoid alcohol completely.

Brandy on a FODMAP Diet

One of the major problems with alcoholic drinks is that they fall under different classification than foods which mean ingredients are not listed in the same way as they are on food packaging.

This makes it much harder to choose which drinks you can consume and which must be avoided. 

When it comes to brandy, you might think it’s just wine but it is a little more complicated than that. Brandy is a fruit wine that has been distilled which is what gives it that lovely mellow flavour.

How many FODMAPs the brandy contains will be dependent on the fruit used so you may find that you may be able to enjoy a small glass of brandy if it is made from low FODMAP fruits such as raspberries.

As with many alcohols, be careful and if in doubt avoid it while following a low FODMAP diet. 

Is Brandy IBS-Friendly?

Brandy is one of those drinks where it really depends on the individual in question. More often than not, it can lead to some flare-ups.

It’s often the case that dark and sweet drinks (such as dark rum, brandy and Southern Comfort) can be quite temperamental for people suffering from IBS.

Low FODMAP Alternatives to Brandy

If you are looking for some alternatives to brandy here are some ideas. You will still have to keep your serving sizes small but there are some alcohols you can enjoy even when following a low FODMAP diet.

Gin is a lower FODMAP alcohol which is great news! You can have up to one shot of gin as part of your low FODMAP diet. Just be careful of infused and flavoured gins. These may contain extra ingredients that will make the drink high FODMAP. 

If you love a drink of vodka or two when socialising then there is some good news. You can still have one shot of vodka and maintain your low FODMAP diet.

Any more than this and you will find the FODMAP levels increasing.  Be careful of flavoured, fruit-infused or mixed vodkas. These often contain extra ingredients that may be high in FODMAP.

A warming glass of scotch or bourbon is a great drink to have in the evening. Luckily you can also have one shot and be within your low FODMAP diet. As with any type of alcohol be careful what you mix with the whiskey and be wary of flavoured and infused whiskeys.

Other Questions

Brandy isn’t the only alcoholic drink you may want to enjoy on a low FODMAP diet. Here are a few more options you may want to ask yourself about:

Is Sherry Low FODMAP?

Sherry is one of the types of alcohol to avoid. This sweet and fortified wine is high in FODMAPs and even a small amount could cause you problems.

Is Whiskey Low FODMAP?

Whiskey is a firm favourite and the great news is if you are fond of scotch or even a bourbon then you can still enjoy this on your low FODMAP diet.

One shot of whiskey is the recommended portion so unfortunately, you will have to still take care and not drink too much. 

Is Alcohol Low FODMAP?

Alcohol is difficult on a restrictive diet. The great news is that you can drink a little alcohol in moderation as long as you are no longer in any elimination phase of your low FODMAP diet.

You should only have one drink, a small glass or a shot of wine, whiskey, vodka or gin though. These are relatively low FODMAP so can be enjoyed in very small portions. It is best to avoid other types of alcohol while following your low FODMAP diet.

Is Wine Low FODMAP?

Wine can be low FODMAP as long as you stay strong and only have one small 125ml glass of either red or white wine. Rose wines are not tested so it is best to avoid these.

The type of wine you drink is also important. Avoid dessert wines or port because these are higher in FODMAPs. However, if you love a glass of sparkling wine you can have a small glass and remain low FODMAP.

Is Rum Low FODMAP?

Rum is considered higher in FODMAPs so avoid this drink as much as possible. This also includes other drinks that contain rum. Instead, opt for a small glass of wine or a shot of vodka as an alternative. 

Final Summary

Alcohol is one of those really difficult fields to navigate when following a low FODMAP diet. Although many types of alcohol are best avoided there are a few types still available.

Unfortunately, brandy is not one of them. Instead opt for a small glass of wine, whiskey, vodka or gin instead.

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