Is Bacon Low FODMAP?

Bacon is the perfect weekend breakfast treat. We all know we shouldn’t eat too much of it but sometimes it’s worth skipping the diet for a tasty morning meal.

When it comes to low FODMAP diets it isn’t always easy to know what to eat and breakfast time can be difficult because it feels like you have so few options. Wouldn’t it be great if you could add bacon to the menu?

That’s why we are wondering, is bacon low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Bacon is low FODMAP so you can include it in your diet. As with all foods you have to keep within a portion, which according to Monash University is two rashers – perfect for bacon and eggs in the morning.


Eating Bacon on a FODMAP Diet

Bacon is a high fat, high protein food so without having too many carbs which does help it to be low FODMAP.

One thing to be wary of is how the bacon has been treated. Some treatments and ingredients used may contain FODMAPs so you should check the packaging before buying. In most cases of bacon, you will be fine and can include it in your diet.

Although bacon doesn’t contain FODMAP’s it is high in fat and does include plenty of sodium and nitrates which can cause other digestive issues to flare up. So even though it is low FODMAP you may still struggle to digest it.

Recommended Bacon Portion

The recommended portion size when eating bacon on a low FODMAP diet is two standard size rashers. This means you can add a good portion of bacon without worrying too much about it.

FODMAP Tip: Two Rashers of Bacon is Low FODMAP

How to Use Bacon

Bacon has so many uses. It is a diverse food that can be added to all sorts of meals to add a little flavour kick. Here are a few ideas for you to try.

Have Eggs and Bacon for Breakfast

Sometimes the traditional meals are the best. You can cook yourself a delicious low FODMAP breakfast including bacon and eggs. Be careful of any oils you use, not all of them may be low FODMAP so check the ingredients.

But with a little care, you can enjoy eggs and bacon as a weekend treat.

Fry Bacon Up and Use a Salad Topping

Bacon makes a great salad topper but be careful of any you buy that are ready-made because they are often seasoned.

You can easily make your own low FODMAP bacon topper by chopping up some bacon and frying it until it is cooked and crispy. Then sprinkle it over your salad to add that delicious flavour.

Have a Bacon Sandwich

Grab yourself some low FODMAP bread and fry or grill some bacon up. Butter the bread and pop the bacon in between the slices and cut in half – delicious!

Bread can cause flare-ups for IBS sufferers but if you have a type of bread that you can eat without causing yourself problems then you can enjoy a bacon sandwich and follow a low FODMAP diet.

Bacon Sandwich Low FODMAP

Low FODMAP Bacon Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing bacon that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Bacon Products

Bacon can be found in many forms but are they all low FODMAP or can some become high FODMAP?

Is Pancetta Low FODMAP?

Pancetta is low FODMAP which means it can be used in the base of pasta sauces such as carbonara or used as a topping for salads and toast.

Is Turkey Bacon Low FODMAP?

Turkey is absolutely fine to eat on a low FODMAP diet and as meat, it is super good for you too. You should also be able to eat turkey bacon rashers on your diet too.

Be careful of any added ingredients but if you want the taste of bacon without the fat this is a great option to buy.

Common Bacon FAQs

There are a few common queries people on a low FODMAP diet ask when it comes to consuming bacon. Those common questions have been answered below for you:

What Meats are Low FODMAP?

Beef, pork and chicken all appear to be low FODMAP. The good news is that generally speaking, all meat will be low FODMAP provided that it has been processed, seasoned or marinated. This also applies to all fish, again if they have been left plain.

What To Eat for Breakfast on a Low FODMAP Diet?

Fortunately, when following a low FODMAP diet the breakfast possibilities are quite extensive. Yes, you can enjoy bacon and eggs. You can also enjoy homemade granola. You can even have yoghurt and low FODMAP fruits.

Quick Summary

Bacon is low FODMAP although it is recommended you stick to portion sizes of two medium-sized rashers or less. Any more than this and you may start to notice symptoms after eating it. Be careful of triggering other digestive and IBS issues too because it is high in fat and salt which may cause problems for some people.

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