Is Almond Milk Low FODMAP?

Almond milk is a fantastic alternative to vegans or anyone cutting out dairy or animal products because they are following a plant-based diet. It’s delicious with a nutty flavour and even has a touch of sweetness. Almonds are considered high FODMAP which means you have to be very careful about how many you eat but what about almond milk? Is almond milk low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Almond Milk is considered low FODMAP despite almonds themselves being high in FODMAPs so you can enjoy a splash of almond milk in your coffee. You can have up to 250ml in a serving so you can drink it or use it in your cooking too.


Almond Milk on a FODMAP Diet

It might seem counterintuitive to be able to have almond milk on your low FODMAP diet because you are probably already aware that you have to be wary of almonds.

Whilst you can have very small amounts of almonds on a low FODMAP diet, you must keep to very low portions because they are considered a high FODMAP.

So why can you have so much almond milk? Well, the answer is surprisingly simple. The amount of almond in your almond milk is actually very small. You would expect to only see around 2% of the entire milk being made from almond. The rest is made up of water and other ingredients.

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Recommended Almond Milk Portion

You can enjoy up to a 250ml serving of almond milk assuming it is standard almond milk with a very a very small percentage of almond. Check the ingredients before you buy almond milk. It should only have approximately 2% almond and these are fine to include on the diet.

How to Use Almond Milk

The most common way to use almond milk on a low FODMAP diet is in place of anywhere that dairy milk would usually be used. Whilst dairy milk can also be drunk on this type of diet and lifestyle there are many reasons you may want to switch to a plant-based alternative.

Add Almond Milk to your Hot DrinksCoffee and hot chocolate are delicious when made with almond milk rather than cows milk. The almonds add a nutty sweetness that might even be better than dairy alternatives! Any hot drink you would normally add milk to can have almond milk instead.

Use Almond Milk in Smoothies and Shakes – Add some almond milk into a blender with your favourite low FODMAP fruits such as bananas or strawberries and you can create a delicious fruit smoothie or milkshake. If you add a couple of ice cubes too before blending you can add some extra delicious creamy texture and make it cold too.

Bake and Cook with Almond Milk – Many recipes call for milk products to be added which can be difficult if you are aiming to be plant-based and low FODMAP however you can substitute any milk or cream for almond milk. It even adds an extra touch of flavour that can make your recipe even tastier.

Is Oat Milk Low FODMAP?

Oat milk is another alternative to dairy milk that can be used on a low FODMAP diet. You have to keep your portions much smaller so be careful not o add to much. Stick to portion sizes of 30ml or less. Luckily, this is the perfect amount to add to tea and coffee.

Is Rice Milk Low FODMAP?

There is a little debate around whether or not rice milk is low or high FODMAP so always be wary when trying to add it into your diet. It has always been thought of as high FODMAP but recent research from Monash University has shown that it can be used on a low FODMAP diet in small amounts.

This is because of how rice milk is made using enzymes that actually work to break down the starch in the rice. Keep your serving sizes to less than 200ml if you do try this and always be aware of how your body reacts to things and eliminate it from your diet if you react badly.

Quick Summary

Almond milk can be enjoyed as part of a low FODMAP diet, fantastic news for anyone on a plant-based diet or who struggle with lactose intolerance. Keep your portions to 250ml or less and make sure of this deliciously flavoured nut milk in your cooking and your drinks.

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