Are Wraps Low FODMAP?

For a quick and easy meal, you can’t beat reaching for wraps. This versatile food can be used cold for lunches, hot for dinners – you can even make a breakfast wrap! But is it all too good to be true?

Are Wraps Low FODMAP? Yes, wraps are low FODMAP and can even be enjoyed during the elimination phase as long as you opt for corn or starch-based wraps. Wheat wraps, however, are NOT low FODMAP.

Wraps on a FODMAP Diet

When it comes to FODMAPs, occasionally a food surprises you. Corn wraps are low FODMAP which can seem a little odd when so many bread type foods are high in FODMAP.

The reason corn wraps are low in FODMAPs is that they contain a lot of starch from the corn flour, but starch is not a FODMAP. 

Things get a little tricky when it comes to buying wraps because not all wraps are made with just corn flour. Many contain wheat and some are made entirely from wheat-based flours.

Wheat flour does contain some fructans which makes them higher in FODMAP. So, you will need to take care of these. Always make sure you read the ingredients carefully before buying them

If you are ordering in a restaurant, you may want to avoid the wraps or ask the chef for the ingredients.

What is a Low FODMAP Wrap Portion?

Because corn wraps are low FODMAP you can eat them without too much worry. You can eat one or two wraps and not suffer too many problems. Just be careful of the things you put into the wrap and make sure these are low FODMAP too. 

If you want to try and include wheat wraps then as long as you are not in an elimination phase of your diet you can eat a small portion. Wheat does contain FODMAPs which means you need to take care but the amounts are usually low enough for many people to tolerate.

Stick to portions of one wrap and you shouldn’t have too many problems.

If eating corn tortillas, you can eat as many as you want as long as the fillings are also low in FODMAP

Are Wraps IBS-Friendly?

Corn wraps which have not been made with any wheat-based flours are completely fine to enjoy if you suffer from IBS.

As we’ve mentioned already, keep a close eye on the packaging as sometimes manufacturers will use a combination of corn and wheat flour even though they’ll be sold as corn tortillas.

Tips for Eating Wraps on a Low FODMAP Diet

Before you go out and gorge on wraps, make sure you read our 3 essential tips for eating wraps on a low FODMAP diet:

Avoid Gluten and Wheat
Wraps might be low FODMAP but only if you avoid gluten so when you buy a packet of wraps, just be doubly sure that you haven’t picked up a packet of wheat wraps.

Don’t Buy Pre-Filled Wraps
Avoid pre-filled wraps from the supermarket as the list of ingredients will be extensive and it’ll be near-impossible to avoid a hidden FODMAP in their fillings. Instead, fill your own (it’ll be cheaper too)!

Make Your Own
Masa Harina, water and salt are all you need to make your own corn tortillas. Unlike most bread, you don’t need yeast and hours to bake them. This recipe is particularly authentic and well worth trying.

How to Use Wraps

Fortunately, wraps have so many uses! Here are just a few ways to use them:

Tortilla Chips

If you fancy a snack but don’t have anything in the cupboard you can make your own tortilla chips.

Cut some corn wraps into triangular shapes and pop them onto a baking sheet. Drizzle with a little oil. If you have a spray oil this works even better to distribute the oil evenly. Sprinkle with some salt and your choice of seasoning and bake for a few minutes until the wrap pieces are crispy. 

Breakfast Wrap

For a breakfast with a difference make a homemade breakfast wrap. Fry up an egg, some bacon and even some gluten-free sausage. Then pop your wrap under the grill for a minute to heat up. Squirt some ketchup or brown sauce into the wrap and add your ingredients.

Fold the wrap and then eat! This one might be a bit messy to eat but it is very satisfying and definitely worth it.

Filled Wraps

Sometimes it’s worth just going back to basics and doing something quick and easy. This is what wraps are perfect for! Pick out your favourite sandwich ingredients and pop them into your wrap with a little sauce. Then, you have a filling lunch within minutes!

Low FODMAP Wraps Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes that use wraps that are low FODMAP then give these a go that we’ve found:

Other Questions

Below are a couple of related questions which you may want to read through before you decide to eat corn wraps:

Are Corn Tortilla Wraps Low FODMAP?

Corn wraps are low FODMAP so if you can find these instead of any wheat wraps then try and get these. You can include them in your diet and they make a great lunchtime option.

Are Wheat Wraps Low FODMAP?

Wheat wraps are higher in FODMAPs than corn wraps but they are still generally low enough in FODMAPs to include a little in your diet. If you are in an elimination phase then you will want to avoid them. But, once you are past this stage then you may be able to include a wrap into your diet occasionally. 

Final Summary

Whether or not your wraps are low FODMAP or not depend on their ingredients. If you ensure you get wraps made with corn flour then they are low FODMAP.

If your wraps are made using wheat then you may still be able to eat them in smaller portions but they do contain FODMAP’s so need to be used with care in your diet.  

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