Are Tomatoes Low FODMAP?

Tomatoes are one of those versatile foods that you don’t realise how much you miss until you can’t eat them. It isn‘t surprising they are missed because tomatoes are used in so many foods! From sauces to salads it would be hard to go through life without eating these fruits. It would be a shame to have to exclude tomatoes from your diet so let’s find out, are tomatoes low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Tomatoes are FODMAP friendly because although they are high in fructose they also contain equal glucose which balances this out perfectly. So you can include tomatoes in your diet in small amounts of roughly 70-gram servings.


Tomatoes on a FODMAP Diet

Although tomatoes are low FODMAP you may still need to be way as they are a food that many people with digestive and allergy problems struggle to eat. However, if you are usually fine with tomatoes and want to include them in your low FODMAP lifestyle then you can!

You would think that tomatoes would be high in FODMAP’s because they are high in fructose which would normally cause a problem. The reason you can get away with including some tomatoes in your diet is that they also contain an equal amount of glucose which actually works to balance out the fructose in the fruit.

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Recommended Tomato Portion

For tomatoes to remain low FODMAP you do need to keep to fairly small portions no matter which type of tomato you want to use. This isn’t too much of a problem in salads or recipes but it can be difficult when it comes to tomato-based sauces and you may have to substitute stocks and other sauces instead of too many tomatoes. When it comes to the most common type of tomato you see in supermarkets then you can eat one small tomato. For cherry tomatoes, you can eat 75 grams and for tinned tomato, you can eat 92 grams in one serving.

How to Use Tomatoes

Tomatoes are versatile and easy to add to your diet. The trick will be not to add too much! We have some ideas for you below to try.

Make a Tomato Sauce – You can make a delicious tomato-based sauce that is perfect for your pasta, bolognese or even to pop onto homemade low FODMAP pizza. All you need is some olive oil, if you can get low FODMAP garlic infused olive oil this will add some extra delicious flavour. Add some dried basil, dried oregano, salt and pepper and simmer together in a saucepan for twenty minutes. Give it a quick stir every now and then and then serve with your low FODMAP pasta!

Make a Low FODMAP Chutney – Chutneys can often include ingredients that are high FODMAP but there is no need to worry, you can make your own and pop it into the fridge to have handy whenever you need it. Grab some fresh tomatoes and chop them into small chunks. Pop them into a saucepan with some red wine vinegar and brown sugar. Season with your favourite low FODMAP herbs and spices and then simmer for 45 minutes to an hour until the chutney is glossy and thickens.

Are Cherry Tomatoes Low FODMAP?

Cherry tomatoes can be eaten on a low FODMAP diet as long as you keep your portions small. Allow yourself a maximum of 75 grams of cherry tomatoes and you should be fine to include these on your diet. Chop them into half or quarters before popping them into your salad to make the portion go a little further.

Are Cherry Tomatoes Low FODMAP

Are Tinned Tomatoes Low FODMAP?

Tinned tomatoes are low FODMAP but you still need to watch your portion sizes. You can eat about 90 grams in one serving and keep it low FODMAP. This is about a third of a tin which is about perfect for most recipes you make your family.

Quick Summary

Tomatoes are low FODMAP as long as you stick within the recommended portion sizes. This does mean you can still include some delicious tomatoes into your diet and enjoy your usual sauces and soups as long as you buy low FODMAP varieties or make your own at home.

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