Are Tic Tacs Low FODMAP?

There are many difficult areas to navigate when you start a low FODMAP diet. There can be areas you never even thought of that you now have to be careful of. One of these areas is mints! We are used to being able to grab a mint whenever we need to freshen breath but not all mints can be eaten on a low FODMAP diet. 

Yes, Tic Tacs are low FODMAP. If you are careful, Tic Tacs should be fine on a low FODMAP diet. Just make sure you only eat a couple a day when you need a quick breather freshener and don’t eat them in large amounts. 

Tic Tacs on a FODMAP Diet

Mints and chewing gums are surprisingly difficult to accommodate on a low FODMAP diet. When it comes to these types of sweets, they can contain a surprising number of different FODMAP types.

The worst offenders are those that promise to be sugar-free or even those that say they contain only natural ingredients! 

The big things to look out for on an ingredients list is sugar alcohols such as lactitol, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, isomalt and erythritol. All of these can be difficult to digest for those with IBS symptoms and many types of sweets and gums contain them! 

When it comes to Tic Tacs we wouldn’t recommend that you overdo the amount but if you are eating one or two every now and then to freshen your breath you may be able to get away with it.

If in doubt always check the ingredients list of your preferred flavour of Tic Tacs before eating. 

What is a Low FODMAP Tic Tac Portion?

There isn’t really a recommended portion but you should eat Tic Tacs with caution. You can get away with a couple a day to freshen your breath but we wouldn’t recommend you eat them in one go or too often throughout the day. 

Limit your intake of Tic Tacs to just 1 or 2 a day

Are Tic Tacs IBS-Friendly?

Many mint-based sweets can cause flare-ups in those who suffer from IBS. This is why it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution before you go and tip a whole packet of Tics Tacs into your mouth.

Instead, have one or two at a time to see if it has any impact on your stomach.

How to Use Tic Tacs

Tic Tacs are handy to have in your bag or pocket for those moments when you need to freshen your breath and we would recommend that this is exactly how you use them on a low FODMAP diet.

Keep them handy for when you really need to freshen your breath after a meal but don’t eat them like you would a packet of sweets. Keep them to one or two every now and then and you should be fine.

Other Questions

Below are a few FAQs that get asked when discussing whether or not Tic Tacs are low FODMAP which you may find useful:

Is Chewing Gum Low FODMAP?

Gum in itself isn’t too much of a problem in a low FODMAP diet. It isn’t digestible so you shouldn’t be eating it. But, the problems start to arise largely with the sweeteners added to the gum. These may well contain FODMAPs.

Another issue to be aware of when it comes to gum is that the act of chewing gum can irritate some people’s digestive systems. This is because as you chew you are also ingesting extra air which can cause discomfort. 

Are Mints Low FODMAP?

If you love having a packet of mints handy then it is worth checking the ingredients on your usual brands of mint. Some mints will contain FODMAPs and others won’t. Always check the labels carefully before choosing your next packet of mints.

Is Mint Tea Low FODMAP?

If you are looking for an alternative to mints or chewing gum that still freshens your breath but is a little healthier then why not try some mint tea? Mint tea is great for you and it is low FODMAP! Some people swear by a mint tea after a meal in order to help them digest their food. 

Final Summary

There isn’t too much known about how high in FODMAPs Tic Tacs are. But, some mints are fine and others may cause problems and contain FODMAPs.

We would recommend you check the ingredients list of your Tic Tac flavour and keep your mint habit to a minimum. 

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