Are Tacos Low FODMAP?

Who doesn’t love a delicious, spicy taco? We certainly do. But, these types of foods are renowned for being difficult for sensitive stomachs to digest. This is why we are thinking, are tacos low FODMAP and how we can include them in our low FODMAP diets?

Yes, tacos are low FODMAP. As long as you are only using corn tacos and have checked the ingredients list carefully you can eat tacos on a low FODMAP diet. The problem with tacos usually comes with the extra ingredients used to stuff the corn tacos

Tacos on a FODMAP Diet

Corn and corn-based products can be a little difficult on a low FODMAP diet. In theory, many corn products are low FODMAP which is great news because corn is such a versatile food that can be eaten on its own or turned into flour or other foods. 

The corn tacos themselves are low in FODMAPs so you can eat them as part of your low FODMAP diet. Unfortunately, the problems start to occur when you look into the ingredients used to fill the tacos.

Traditionally most of these meals would contain lots of onion and garlic which are high FODMAP foods. 

So, if you are eating out or ordering food from a restaurant then it is sensible to avoid the tacos. However, if you are making your own versions at home where you can control the filling ingredients then you can eat tacos and keep your diet low in FODMAPs.

What is a Low FODMAP Taco Portion?

There is little information about just how many tacos you can eat and this will depend hugely on the ingredients used.

As long as you are careful to keep all of your ingredients low FODMAP then you should be able to enjoy a taco or two as part of your diet. 

Limit your portions of tacos to 2 or 3 tacos per sitting

Are Tacos IBS-Friendly?

It’s more good news! Tacos are completely IBS friendly, thankfully. This assumes that you avoid gluten-rich tacos and stick to those made with authentic masa harina flour.

The problems come from the fillings you use. You probably know what impacts your stomach and what is safe. Make sure you fill those tacos with things you can safely eat to avoid any flare-ups.

Tips for Eating Tacos on a Low FODMAP Diet

Want to include tacos on your low FODMAP diet? Then stick to these simple tips when it comes to eating them:

Opt for Masa Harina Flour
If you’re buying (or making) tacos then look for those made with masa harina flour. This is ground corn and does not contain gluten which ensures the tacos remain low FODMAP.

Consider Fillings Carefully
The tacos themselves will be low FODMAP if they’re made from corn. The problems come from the fillings. This is where you’ll want to keep a close eye on the ingredients used.

Watch for Sauces
Many tacos are drizzled in endless sauces and dressings which can often be laden with high FODMAP ingredients. Just be wary of the sauces and dressings added to tacos if you’re buying them ready done or when out and about.

How to Use Tacos

When we think of tacos we think of all those delicious Mexican flavours and aromas but there are more ways to use tacos in your recipes too. Here are some of our favourites.

Well… As Tacos, Of Course!

Sometimes keeping things traditional is for the best and you can’t beat a plate of delicious, spicy tacos. Unfortunately, you have to be a little careful when you are following a low FODMAP diet. Many spicy foods contain some very high FODMAP ingredients such as onion and garlic. 

Luckily, you can ditch your high FODMAP recipes and make some yummy low FODMAP tacos with ease. You need to fry up some minced beef with a tablespoon of chilli powder. Add a pinch of oregano, paprika, cumin, salt and pepper to taste. Mix together until cooked. 

Next, make up your tacos with some lettuce, tomatoes, a small amount of crushed avocado. Add your beef mixture and sprinkle on a small amount of low FODMAP cheese.

Sandwich Alternative

If you fancy something a little different you can pop whatever low FODMAP ingredients you like into your taco. Some cold meats, a little cheese and salad is a delicious way to make an easy low FODMAP lunch to eat on the go. 

In the evenings you could make a meal using chicken mixed with your favourite herbs and serve it as a hot taco with some salad.

Salad Texture

It isn’t just a taco meal that is tasty. The corn tacos themselves are delicious! If you want to pep up your salad then you can with ease. Crush up a taco and sprinkle over your usual low FODMAP salad.

This is a delicious alternative to other salad toppers and you can keep your meal low FODMAP too. 

Low FODMAP Taco Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious taco recipes that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Questions

Below are a few other questions that often get asked when discussing whether or not tacos are low FODMAP and can be eaten on a low FODMAP diet:

Are Tortilla Wraps Low FODMAP?

Soft tortilla wraps or soft taco shells are something to be a little wary of. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat them, it just means you do need to check the ingredients list first. If you can find corn tortilla wraps then you should be fine to enjoy them in your diet. Just be careful to check the ingredients list and avoid wheat-based tortilla wraps. 

Are Nachos Low FODMAP?

As with many other corn-based food items nachos should be low FODMAP as long as they are made with cornflour and are seasoned with low FODMAP ingredients. Always check the ingredients and flavourings before you eat any nachos.

Another thing to be careful of with nachos is ordering nachos in a restaurant. The toppings often contain high FODMAP ingredients so this is best avoided. You can still make your own low FODMAP nachos at home. 

Is Corn Flour Low FODMAP?

Corn flour and products made with corn flour are usually low in FODMAPs. According to Monash University, you can eat up to about 100 grams in one serving. This is usually enough for some delicious nachos or a taco or two. 

Are Taco Shells Low FODMAP?

When it comes to hard taco shells these are usually made using corn which is a low FODMAP so you can eat these. Always check the ingredients first to make sure and be more careful of soft shell tacos. These are more likely to contain wheat and other FODMAPs.

Final Summary

Great news! If you love homemade spicy food, you can enjoy your own low FODMAP tacos! Unfortunately, we would recommend you avoid tacos when eating in a restaurant or ordering food where you can’t see the full ingredients. These are likely to contain FODMAPs.

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