Are Sweet Potatoes Low FODMAP?

Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to the traditional white potato we usually eat regularly. They have a wonderfully sweet and earthy taste and can be cooked and eaten in any way you would normally eat white potatoes. But, can you eat sweet potatoes if you are following a low FODMAP lifestyle? It would be great if you could add these earthy vegetables to your diet. So, are sweet potatoes low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

There is no easy yes or no answer but you can eat sweet potato on a low FODMAP diet if you are careful with your portion sizes. Make sure you only eat servings of 70 grams or less which is about the size of a small sweet potato.


Sweet Potatoes on a FODMAP Diet

The easy answer to the question are sweet potatoes low FODMAP is, unfortunately, no, they are not. However, this doesn’t mean they are always high in FODMAPs.

If you only eat small amounts of 70 grams or less then sweet potatoes are considered low FODMAP enough to include in your diet! Great news if you are missing potato in your diet and want something satisfying and filling for dinner.

This is where things get a little tricky because 70 grams is not a lot of potato and it can be difficult to keep yourself to one medium potato at a time. However difficult it is, it is important that you are careful because the FODMAP’s contained in the sweet potato can start to build up if you eat too much.

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Recommended Sweet Potato Portion

One serving of sweet potato is 70 grams. Any more than this and the FODMAP’s would start to stack up and it would become a high FODMAP item. This is about the size of a small sweet potato or half a medium potato.

How to Use Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are super versatile to cook and eat which is why we are so glad it is possible to include them in a low FODMAP diet. We have come up with a few ideas here for you to try to get the most out of your serving of sweet potato.

Serve Sweet Potatoes as a Side Dish – The most obvious way to add sweet potatoes to your meal is as a side dish. You can cook them in all of the same ways as you can traditional white potatoes. However, boiling isn’t the best option because they can go mushy easily and you may find them breaking apart as they cook.

You can mash, saute, roast, bake, fry or steam your sweet potato. You can even cut them into chips. Although, you won’t get many chips out of your portion so be careful. The best way to make your portion seem like a large portion is to mash the sweet potato. This really makes it feel like you have a good portion of potato on your plate.

Puree Some Sweet Potato into a Low FODMAP Soup – If you have a vegetable soup that could do with something a little extra then cook a portion of sweet potato, blend it and stir it into the soup. This will help to thicken the soup and give it some extra depth of flavour.

Sweet Potato Low FODMAP Soup

Make Loaded Sweet Potatoes – Loaded sweet potatoes are delicious and the perfect comfort food. They are easy to make too! Bake your small sweet potato until the insides are soft. Take the potato out of the oven and scoop out the insides. Mix in some cheese and your favourite low FODMAP ingredients and then stuff the mixture back into the potatoes. Pop the potatoes back into the oven to crisp up and serve – delicious!

Quick Summary

Sweet potatoes are considered low FODMAP but only if you have them in small portions of 70 grams or less. This is great news for anyone who is following a low FODMAP diet and missing potato. You can add a little back in and quell those cravings.

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