Are Soba Noodles Low FODMAP?

Soba noodles are a delicious type of Japanese noodle made from buckwheat and wheat. They are often served cold as part of a noodle salad and are perfect for a quick and tasty lunch while out and about. But, are soba noodles low FODMAP?

Despite containing gluten, soba noodles are considered to be low FODMAP. You should still watch your portion sizes and if you have any gluten intolerances you may still want to avoid them.

Eating Soba Noodles on a FODMAP Diet

Soba noodles are not common in westernised diets but you may have come across them without realising if you are a fan of Japanese noodle meals.

Soba noodles are often used in cold noodle dishes and hot soups. Rather than provide a base for sauces to sit on like pasta noodles, soba noodles soak up the delicious sauces and marinades. This makes them extra tasty and as a result, they also have a softer texture. 

These types of noodles are a thin type not too dissimilar to egg or flour noodles. But, instead of being made from egg or wheat pasta, they are made from a mixture of buckwheat flour mixed with some wheat flour.

The use of predominantly buckwheat does help make this type of noodle a little lower in FODMAPs but be aware that they will still contain gluten. Buckwheat itself is gluten-free but you will often find that these noodles are mixed with a little wheat flour too. 

As with most foods when following a low FODMAP diet you have to be careful of your portion sizes. Most low FODMAP foods do contain some FODMAPs and if your portion sizes are too large the number of FODMAPs contained will build up to become high FODMAP.

The portion size of soba noodles is about a third of a cup. Luckily, this is plenty to add to your recipe for a delicious noodle dish.

A Third of a Cup of Soba Noodles is a Low FODMAP Serving

How to Use Soba Noodles

Soba noodles are a wonderfully versatile food and worth having in your cupboard. Here are a few ideas to try. 

Have a Soba Salad

Cook up your soba noodles and allow them to cool. Then mix with your favourite salad leaves. For a truly Japanese feel try cucumber, cilantro, watercress and sesame seeds. Then drizzle over a little rice vinegar and gluten-free soy sauce for a delicious, quick and easy lunch. 

Use Soba Noodles Instead of Usual Noodles

If you want to reduce pasta noodles in your diet or want something a little different. You can simply substitute anything you would usually pop noodles into with these buckwheat noodles. Whilst they are often served cold they work well served hot too. 

Pop Soba Noodles Unto Stirfries

Bulk up your stirfry by adding in some soba noodles. Cook the noodles first and then when your stirfry veggies are cooked pop the noodles into the pan with the vegetables and your sauce. Then stir through and serve – delicious! 

Make a Noodle Soup

Soba noodles are perfect for noodle soups. This is one of the main uses for them in Japanese cuisine! When you make your favourite noodle soup all you need to do is substitute your usual noodles with some delicious soba noodles. 

Low FODMAP Soba Noodles Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing soba noodles that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Common Noodle FAQs

Below are some common noodle-related questions and whether these noodles are suitable for a low FODMAP diet:

Are Udon Noodles Low FODMAP?

Udon noodles are not too dissimilar from soba noodles but they are made from wheat flour instead of buckwheat. This makes them higher in gluten which can be a problem for anyone suffering from digestive issues.

Gluten itself is not a FODMAP but despite this, there is little information on Udon noodles and whether or not they are a FODMAP.

Are Egg Noodles Low FODMAP?

Egg noodles are a type of noodle that is much easier to find in supermarkets. The good news is they are also low FODMAP, so you can use these if you need to in your recipes.

Keep your portions to about half a cup of cooked noodles or 40 grams and you should be fine.

Are Rice Noodles Low FODMAP?

Rice noodles are another type of noodle that you can eat on a low FODMAP diet if you stick within the recommended portion sizes. These portion sizes are about a cup or 220 grams of cooked rice noodles. 

So, Are Soba Noodles Low FODMAP?

Soba noodles are not only tasty and add some wonderful authentic Japanese flavour to your meals but they are low in FODMAPs too! There are lots of recipes that use noodles and almost all of them can substitute your usual noodle for soba noodles for extra flavour and something a little different.

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