Are Raisins Low FODMAP?

If you are looking for a quick and sweet snack then a handful of raisins is the perfect option to reach for instead of that bar of chocolate. However, when you have extra complications to consider such as your low FODMAP diet, things are never quite this easy.

So, are raisins low FODMAP and can you eat them as part of your low FODMAP diet?

The Quick Answer

Raisins are considered to be low FODMAP as long as you stick to small portions. A handful of raisins should be more than enough for your recipe or to eat as a snack. As a portion, you should only eat about 13 grams in one serving.


Eating Raisins on a FODMAP Diet

Raisins are something that those following a low FODMAP diet tend to avoid because they seem like they would be high in FODMAPs! Technically this is true, raisins are dried grapes and as a result of this process, the sugars tend to be concentrated.

That’s why raisins seem so much sweeter than grapes! A lot of these sugars are fructose which is a FODMAP.

However, despite this many people don’t realise that you can eat raisins on a low FODMAP diet as long as you stick to smaller amounts. This allows you to eat a little, just enough to get the taste, whilst not having too much of a FODMAP build up and cause you problems.

Recommended Raisins Portion

In order to stay low FODMAP, you need to keep your portions of raisins low. One portion of raisins would be about a tablespoon full or 13 grams. It may not seem like a lot but it should be just enough to add a little sweetness to your recipes and your day.

FODMAP Tip: Stick to 1 Tablespoon Per Serving of Raisins

How to Use Raisins

The most obvious way to use raisins on a low FODMAP diet is to eat them as a quick snack. A handful of raisins is perfect as a mid-morning treat to keep you going until lunch. There are also other ways you can use raisins as part of your low FODMAP diet here are a few ideas to try.

Make Some Cookies

Raisins are the perfect addition to your baking recipes. They contain natural sweetness and a pop of flavour. Oatmeal and raisin cookies are a great recipe or you could choose your favourite low FODMAP cookie or cake recipe and pop a handful of raisins into it.

Add Some Raisins To Your Breakfast

Whether you like cereal or yoghurt for breakfast popping in some raisins adds that perfect amount of sweetness to your morning meal without the need for adding sugar or sweeteners.

Raisins are delicious with porridge and a dash of cinnamon. Or have some greek yoghurt with raisins and a touch of honey mixed in.

Raisins Breakfast Low FODMAP

Have A Sweet Raisin And Yoghurt Treat

If you choose a lower FODMAP yoghurt such as greek yoghurt you could add a few raisins for sweetness for a dessert or snack that is delicious and filling. If you need a little extra sweetness you could try adding a touch of honey too.

Low FODMAP Raisins Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing raisins that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Common Raisins FAQs

Below are a couple of common questions which often get asked when discussing raisins and dried fruit in general on a low FODMAP diet:

Are Sultanas Low FODMAP?

Sultanas are considered to be moderate FODMAP. This means that like raisins you shouldn’t eat them in large amounts but most people can get away with a small amount. One portion would be about 13 grams or one tablespoon.

Are Other Dried Fruits Low FODMAP?

Whether or not dried fruit is low FODMAP or not is dependent on the type of fruit it is. Not all fruit contains the same amount of fructose and FODMAPs. Dried cranberries for example are lower in FODMAPs but dried apples, bananas and mangoes are considered to be high in FODMAP.

When you are planning to use dried fruit as part of your diet you should always check each type of dried fruit before eating because some fruits may surprise you!

Quick Summary

Raisins are considered to be moderate in FODMAP’s which means that you should be wary of them but you can still eat small amounts. A small handful of about a tablespoon is the recommended portion size and luckily this is more than enough for you to include a little into your diet.

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