Are Petit Pois Low FODMAP?

Are you craving a bowlful of peas? Want to know whether you can enjoy a side of petit pois when following a low FODMAP diet? Well, are petit pois low or high FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Unfortunately, petit pois are not low FODMAP. You can keep the FODMAP levels low with a tiny serving. A low FODMAP serving of peas is just 15g which isn’t really much of a serving. However, if you’re craving some peas then you can eat a small spoonful.


Petit Pois on a FODMAP Diet

Petit pois are a deliciously sweet vegetable that are loved by most people. But having to limit yourself so strictly when following a low FODMAP diet can be incredibly challenging. That’s why we’ve written an extensive guide for you so you know exactly what you can eat alongside what alternatives to try:

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Low FODMAP Petit Pois Alternatives

Unfortunately, there aren’t many foods out there that will be the same as peas in terms of sweetness and colour. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few ingredients out there you can try in place of peas in dishes you might be used to cooking before avoiding high FODMAP foods. Give these a go and report back with how you get on:

Sweetcorn – You do need to limit the amount you eat but one of the easiest vegetables to eat instead of peas to get the same sweetness is with sweetcorn. The good news is that you eat around 3 times more sweetcorn than peas when following a low FODMAP diet.

Green Beans – You might not think they would be anything like peas, but slice them up into small pieces and in dishes such as a tuna pasta bake, they can work wonders. Remember, you need to watch your portion size with green beans too – up to 75g of green beans is low FODMAP.

Are French Beans Low FODMAP

Unfortunately, there aren’t many vegetables or ingredients that are going to be quite the same as petit pois.

Are Peas and Petit Pois the Same?

Some people incorrectly assume that petit pois are a variety of pea. That’s not true. They are actually peas that have been picked before they have fully matured. Essentially, they are normal peas but picks before they’ve grown to the standard size of a pea – hence the name, petit pois meaning small pea. 

Are Peas Low FODMAP?

As explained above, peas are petit pois. Everything we have written on this page also applies to peas. That means you’ll need to avoid them when following a low FODMAP diet. In fact, you may notice we use peas and petit pois interchangeably in this article.

Are Sugar Snap Peas Low FODMAP?

Sugar snap peas are another vegetable you need to add to your ‘do not touch’ list when following a low FODMAP diet. Unfortunately, it’s hard to even eat a small portion without it becoming high FODMAP so sugar snaps are a food you should simply avoid.

Are Mushy Peas Low FODMAP?

There’s a bit of a theme here, unfortunately, and it continues when looking at mushy peas as they are also not low FODMAP. If you want to learn a little more about mushy peas, why they’re not low FODMAP and alternatives you can try then check out our complete guide to mushy peas.

Quick Summary

This is one of the harder ones to follow. Petit pois seem like such a harmless and safe vegetable to consume but that all changes when you begin following a low FODMAP diet. Ultimately, you’re better off avoiding petit pois and peas at all costs.

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