Are Peppers Low FODMAP?

When we talk about peppers we are usually talking about bell peppers as these are the most commonly used type. These veggies tend to slip into so many meals that it can be difficult to consider living without them.

That’s why we are wondering, are peppers low FODMAP?

Bell peppers are, in general, low FODMAP but there is a little difference in the FODMAP levels depending on the colour of the pepper. Red peppers have no FODMAPs and green peppers do contain some so you need to limit your portion size to about half a pepper.

Eating Peppers on a FODMAP Diet

It might seem odd but the different colour peppers you see in the grocery store don’t all contain the same levels of FODMAPs. As if navigating a low FODMAP world wasn’t difficult enough now we have to consider the colour of our veg! 

Monash University has tested both red and green bell peppers and has found that red peppers contain no FODMAPs and green peppers do contain some but are still low enough in FODMAPs to eat if you are careful.

Unfortunately yellow and orange peppers are yet to be tested so be a little cautious when using these colours of pepper.

Recommended Pepper Portion

You can use red bell peppers fairly freely because they have been found to contain no FODMAPs. However, if you have green peppers you do need to keep your portion size to around 52 grams or half a pepper. 

You Can Use Red Peppers Freely but Green Peppers Should be Limited to Half a Pepper

How to Use Peppers

Peppers are a surprisingly versatile vegetable. You can eat them raw in a salad or as a snack or cook them up in some wonderful ways. Here are some for you to consider.

Make a Stuffed Pepper Dinner

Stuffed peppers are delicious and you can make them out of almost any ingredients that you like. To make them cut the top off your pepper and pop it into the oven for about ten minutes to soften.

While the peppers are cooking fry up some minced beef with some veggies or any of your favourite ingredients. Stuff the peppers with your chosen filling and pop them back into the oven to bake for around twenty minutes.

Add Pepper to Your Stir Fry

Peppers are a tasty way to bulk out a healthy stirfry dinner. Chop the peppers into thin slices and fry them up with a little oil to soften. Then add the rest of your ingredients and cook until your stirfry is ready. Delicious and great for you too! 

Add Pepper to Your Salad

You can eat your peppers raw in a salad. Thinly slice your peppers and sprinkle them into your usual salad. This is a great way to add some extra nutrients and to add some great flavour too.

Low FODMAP Pepper Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing peppers that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Pepper-Related Products

Below are some other pepper-related products you may want to know about when following a low FODMAP diet:

Are Chilli Peppers Low FODMAP?

Technically chilli is low in FODMAPs but this doesn’t mean it won’t cause your IBS or digestive issues to flare up. When it comes to chilli peppers the problem isn’t so much the FODMAPs but the capsaicin.

It is this that gives them that spice but can also irritate your digestive system. If you know this causes you a problem then may want to avoid adding chilli into your diet.

Are Bell Peppers Low FODMAP?

Bell peppers are the official name for the types of pepper most commonly eaten. As mentioned already these peppers are low FODMAP but only if you are careful with your portion size and the colour of bell pepper you choose.

Red peppers don’t contain FODMAPs so you can eat those and feel a little safer. If you have green peppers instead then you do need to limit your portion size to around 52 grams which is about half a pepper. 

Is Black Pepper Low FODMAP?

If you are worried about bland meals without seasoning then you don’t need to. Black pepper and salt are both low FODMAP and can still be used as a seasoning for your food.

Quick Summary

It is good to know that you don’t need to cut out peppers from your diet completely. You can eat red peppers and green peppers as long as you watch your portion size. This is perfect for making salads and recipes that are full of flavour.

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