Are Olives Low FODMAP?

If you want a healthy snack that’s filling and easy to grab you can’t beat a handful of olives. These tasty treats are surprisingly filling and in addition, they are great to add to your meals too!

They made a wonderful tapenade and you can even pop them onto your pizza. But, is it all too good to be true? What about if you are following a low FODMAP diet? Let’s find out if olives are low in FODMAPs.

The Quick Answer

Yes, olives are low in FODMAPs and you should be able to include a good-sized portion of about 15 olives into your meals. So reach for those olives and snack to your heart’s content.


Eating Olives on a FODMAP Diet

Olives might be one of those foods that divide people – you either love them or hate them!

For those that do love them, it might seem a little difficult to cut them out of your diet. The good news is that if you are following a low FODMAP diet then you don’t need to cut them out at all.

You can still continue to eat your olives either as a delicious tapenade, as a snack or in your salads and meals and yes you can continue to put them onto your pizza too if you like.

One thing to be careful of is the ingredients that come with your olives. You may find that some flavoured olives and olives that come in infused oils or with other ingredients may differ. So, always check the packaging for ingredients before you buy.

Recommended Olive Portion

There are some discrepancies about the advice surrounding olives and how many you should eat to remain low FODMAP but as a general rule try and stick to about 15 olives in one sitting.

This is the amount recommended and tested by Monash University.

FODMAP Tip: Around 15 Olives are Suitable for a Low FODMAP Diet

How to Use Olives

Olives have a lot of versatile uses and they can be added to a surprising number of meals and sauces. Here are a couple of quick and easy ways to use olives while following a low FODMAP diet.

Pop Olives Into Salads

Any salad can be livened up with a few olives in it. Not only do these add flavour but they add some great nutritional benefits too. Make your usual salad as normal and then take a few olives.

Cut them into halves or quarters, however, you prefer them and sprinkle them into your salad. If you prefer you can put the olives in whole but because you are limited in your portion size chopping them into smaller pieces make them go a little further.

Make Tapenade Dip

An olive tapenade is a perfect accompaniment to your dips or to use as a spread on toast!

It’s super easy to make too. All you need is a handful of olives, a couple of capers, a squeeze of lemon juice, some parsley and a little garlic-infused oil. Pop these ingredients into a blender and give them a quick blend until the tapenade is the texture you prefer.

Eat Olives as a Healthy Snack

If you are peckish then instead of grabbing something unhealthy and full of carbs that will only fill you for a short time grab a handful of olives instead. These will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied for much longer – they are good for you too!

Low FODMAP Olive Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing olives that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Olive Products

Buying olives isn’t that simple. They come in a range of forms. But are they all suitable for a low FODMAP diet or not?

Are Black Olives Low FODMAP?

Black olives are low FODMAP and you can treat them in the same way you would any type of olive. To be sure you are staying low FODMAP stick to portions of around 15 olives.

Are Green Olives Low FODMAP?

Green olives are a little less bitter than their black olive counterparts but you can still use them in the same way as you would black olives. Keep your portions to around 15 olives in one sitting and you should be fine.

Is Olive Oil Low FODMAP?

If you love to cook with olive oil and use this delicious and healthy oil in your dressings then you don’t need to worry, you can still keep using it.

If you use a lot of oil you may need to reduce your portion sizes a little because to remain low FODMAP you need to use about a tablespoon at a time. Luckily this is plenty for most meals.

Quick Summary

Olives are a tasty addition to many meals and make the perfect healthy snack. If you are following a low FODMAP diet then you are in luck. Olives are low FODMAP and you can eat them in portion sizes of around 15 olives.

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