Are Meringues Low FODMAP?

Trying to find a dessert you can enjoy when following a low FODMAP diet can be a challenge. But are meringues the way forward and are they suitable for anyone trying to avoid FODMAPs?

The Quick Answer

Meringues are low FODMAP. You can even buy shop-bought meringues and, generally speaking, they will be low FODMAP. As always, it’s a great idea to check the ingredients list when buying anything premade for any nasties.


Meringues on a FODMAP Diet

Following a low FODMAP diet can be challenging. Lots of desserts have to be ruled out of your diet and it can be disheartening having to give up so much. That’s why this article is packed full of good news! Because you can enjoy meringues as often as you like.

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Meringues: The Perfect Low FODMAP Dessert?

Before we delve deeper into the meringue, let’s first take a moment to celebrate it. It gives anyone following a low FODMAP diet that opportunity to enjoy something sweet without any drawbacks. You can use a normal meringue recipe (such as this one) made up of egg whites and sugar. You can buy shop-bought meringues and enjoy those too.

You can then pimp your meringues up if you’re making your own. Stir through a sprinkling of cocoa powder or scoop in the seeds of a vanilla pod. For once, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy a dessert.

In fact, for once, there really are no negatives to consider!

Are Macarons Low FODMAP?

Macarons are made in a similar way to meringues but with the addition of ground almonds (they’re also pretty difficult to get perfect). This addition of ground almonds can change the FODMAP properties slightly. Ground almonds are low FODMAP at small quantities. A small quantity that’s suitable is around 25g. This means you need to consider the amount of ground almond in one macaron to work out if you can eat one or not.

Is Pavlova Low FODMAP?

The meringue base, as already covered, will be low FODMAP. The problem comes with the cream. If you’re following a low FODMAP diet then you’ll probably be eliminating cream from your diet. The exception being whipped cream. Instead, we would recommend using coconut yoghurt, lactose-free yoghurt or pastry cream made with lactose-free milk.

The other problem comes from the fruit. You need to consider what fruit you’re going to use and ensure that the combination is still a suitable low FODMAP portion. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are all low FODMAP and make for a classic pavlova topping.

Pavlova Low FODMAP

Is Eton Mess Low FODMAP?

Eton mess is essentially the same as a pavlova but crushed up and served in a tall glass. That means the same criteria applies to your Eton mess. If you want to enjoy a low FODMAP Eton mess then you’ll have to do away with the cream and replace it with a Low FODMAP alternative as we have recommended above for pavlova.

Quick Summary

I think it’s cause for celebration. It’s not often that a sweet treat is low FODMAP but meringues are! The great thing with meringues is that they can form the base to a range of desserts. You can enjoy them on their own, you can enjoy them crushed into an Eton mess or you can put together a quick pavlova.

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