Are McDonald’s French Fries Low FODMAP?

There are times in life when a quick, easy and tasty McDonald’s meal is all you want. Whether it’s for a hearty breakfast after a busy night out or for a tasty treat when you are out and about.

Eating out is a real struggle when you suffer from digestive issues, especially when you’re trying to follow a low FODMAP diet. Those pesky FODMAPs can be hiding in all sorts of unexpected places.

So is your favourite McDonald treat okay to eat? Are McDonald’s french fries low FODMAP?

French Fries from McDonald’s and most takeaway and restaurant food services are not going to be low FODMAP.  You can still eat some things from McDonald’s if you are careful but stick to the proteins and avoid potato and bread products. 


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Eating McDonald’s French Fries on a FODMAP Diet

French fries on their own are not too much of a problem. Potato is not a problem at all on a FODMAP diet with some varieties containing none or very few FODMAPs at all!

The problem that comes when eating out is the coatings and seasonings put onto frozen potatoes or even freshly cut fries.

The coating of Mcdonald’s french fries is wheat-based and this is where the problems start to occur. Wheat flour is a FODMAP and there is enough to contaminate the fries and make them higher in FODMAPs.

Other french fries or chips in restaurants may also be coated in seasonings. This makes the fries extra delicious but the seasoning often contains onion and garlic which are also FODMAPs. 

Low FODMAP Alternative to McDonald’s French Fries?

Although your McDonald’s french fries might be high in FODMAPs it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your McDonald’s completely.

But it does mean you should avoid the fries or anything coated in a breadcrumb. This does cut out a lot of available food unless you have beef patties without the bun and the salad with no dressing. 

You can also continue to eat french fries as long as you are careful. If you can avoid takeaway venues and restaurants and bake your own at home. Freshly cut and drizzled with a little oil then seasoned with salt is the best.

You can bake these and not worry at all. If you buy frozen check the ingredients carefully as many frozen types of fries and chips will be coated in FODMAPs.

Common McDonald’s FAQs

Below are some common queries that get asked when talking about McDonald’s or fries on a low FODMAP diet:

Are French Fries Low FODMAP?

French fries on their own are not necessarily high in FODMAPs. If you can find a restaurant that bakes rather than fries their chips you may be able to eat some. After all potato is fine to include in your low FODMAP diet.

If you make your own at home then you may also be able to make a low FODMAP type of french fry so you won’t feel like you are missing out completely. 

Is McDonald’s Low FODMAP?

We can’t honestly say that McDonald’s is low FODMAP because many of their ingredients are high in FODMAPs and unless you are willing to bypass the bun, sauces and most sides then you won’t be able to eat at Mcdonald’s.

If you really have to eat here then you can keep your meal low FODMAP by sticking to the beef burgers but take away the bun and any sauces. Pair this with a salad or any veggie option they have available instead of fries. 

So, Are McDonald’s French Fries Low FODMAP?

McDonald’s french fries are not low FODMAP despite potatoes being fine to eat on a low FODMAP diet. This is due to the wheat flour coating and how the potatoes are cooked in oil.

If you are eating in a McDonald’s restaurant skip the fries and opt for a bun-less burger and salad instead. 

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