Are Lentils Low FODMAP?

Lentils have a bit of a mixed response when they are mentioned. These days not everyone uses them. If you do though then you will already know how good they are as a basis for many soups, stews and casseroles.

When it comes to digestive problems, then foods like this can sneak up on you be part of the problem without you realising it. So, with that in mind, are lentils low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

There is no easy yes or no answer when it comes to whether or not lentils are low FODMAP. Technically the answer is no but all is not lost. You can get away with using a small amount of tinned variety in your food.


Eating Lentils on a FODMAP Diet

Lentils are a little tricky because in general legumes and pulses are considered to be fairly high FODMAP and lentils are no different. The same issue applies to many types of beans and peas so you do need to be careful.

When it comes to lentils the problem is galacato-oligoasaccharides. These can cause bloating and gas problems when consumed. Things get even more complex when you start looking at the types of lentils you can buy.

Dried lentils tend to be concentrated and much higher in FODMAPs which makes them very difficult to use as part of a low FODMAP diet.

Although, in theory, you could in very small amounts if you boil them. When boiling, some of the FODMAPs leach out into the water leaving a low FODMAP lentil behind. However, this isn’t a precise science and you do need to be careful.

One type of lentil that is a little safer to try is tinned or canned lentils. The same principle applies to boiled lentils.

The way these lentils are processed and stored means that some of the FODMAPs leached out into the water and when you drain this away you can eat very small portions of lentils. Luckily for most meals, you don’t need to add too many lentils anyway.

Recommended Lentil Portion

A recommended portion of tinned lentils is about 46 grams. This is about half a cup which might not seem like much but it is enough to add some substance to your soup or stew.

If you do want to try and use red and green dried lentils be very careful. You could try to use a portion of 23 grams and see how this works for you.

FODMAP Tip: Stick with Tinned Lentils – 46g Remains Low FODMAP

How to Use Lentils

Lentils have a few uses and are absolutely delicious when cooked into meals. QHere are some ideas for you to try.

Add a Few Lentils to Soups and Stews

Let’s start with a traditional use for lentils – in stews and soups. Whether blended or left whole a few lentils adds some extra protein, a wonderful depth of flavour and texture too. It’s easy too.

Just pop your portion of canned lentils in as you cook the soup or stew and by the time it is ready they will be cooked to perfection.

Make a Delicious Dip

Chickpeas are the basis for hummus but you could mix it up and try making some delicious hummus style dips using lentils instead.

Some lentils, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon and garlic all blended together can make a delicious dip and salad dressing. Just be careful you don’t overdo it and inadvertently eat too many FODMAP’s in one go.

Low FODMAP Lentil Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing lentils that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Lentil Products

Lentils come in a few common forms, but are these forms also suitable for a low FODMAP diet or should they be avoided?

Are Dried Lentils Low FODMAP?

When it comes to dried lentils you do need to be careful. They are considered to be high FODMAP.

In theory, you can still eat a little of them but you do have to keep your portions very low at about 20 grams and boil them to get as many of the FODMAP’s out as possible.

Are Tinned Lentils Low FODMAP?

If you want to add lentils into your diet then choosing tinned or canned lentils is the best way to go.

You still have to be very careful and stick to the recommended portion sizes of 46 grams but this is the type of lentil you can use the most of in one go and still be considered low FODMAP.

Quick Summary

Lentils are a little difficult when it comes to FODMAPs they are technically high in FODMAPs so you should always use them with caution.

When tested it was found that you could eat very small amounts of tinned lentils or dried in even smaller amounts. Always test carefully when trying a food like this and see how your body reacts and adjust the portion sizes as much as you need.

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