Are Leeks Low FODMAP?

Leeks are a member of the onion family and have a lovely taste that is similar to a slightly milder onion. However, this is an area of the FODMAP diet that can be difficult because many types of onions are considered to be high in FODMAPs. So what about leeks, are leeks low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, leeks are not low FODMAP but you may be able to get away with using an unusual part of the leak. The leafy green section that most people throw away is edible and is low in FODMAPs. So if you want to add leeks to your meal throw away the bulb and chop up the dark green section instead.

Eating Leeks on a FODMAP Diet

When you usually use leeks in recipes you would normally chop off the dark leafy green section and only use the white bulb part of the leek. Unfortunately, when it comes to a low FODMAP diet you need to do the opposite! The oniony section of the leek is actually the part that contains all the FODMAPs. 

The section of the leek you can use is the green part until it starts to fade to white. This does mean wasting the rest of the leek. Although, if you are careful then you can regrow the leak from the bulb and keep using the same leek to grow more leaves for you to use.

Recommended Leek Portion

Even when you choose to use the green section of the leek you need to watch your portion size. It is recommended that to keep your meal low FODMAP you need to keep your servings to around 50 grams of leek leaves.

Keep a Portion of Leek Greens Below 50 Grams to Ensure it is Low FODMAP

How to Use Leeks

The leafy green part of the leek that you can use is a little difficult to use. They are tough and can be a little bitter. If you do want to use some leeks here are a couple of ideas for you to consider.

Saute Leek Greens as a Side Dish

Whilst the green part of the leak can be tough to eat, it can be delicious if you sautee them up with a little of your favourite low FODMAP oil. You could even add some herbs and turn them into a delicious side dish with a difference.

It does seem like a little bit of a shame to have to throw away the bulb part of the leek but it isn’t worth the effect on your digestive system.

Chop Leeks up Thinly and Use in Place of Onion

If a meal calls for onion or leak then you could choose to use the leafy green low FODMAP part of the leek instead. Chop the leaf section up thinly and fry it up as you would onions into your recipe.

It won’t quite be the same as using onion but it will add a little touch of that delicious oniony flavour you may be missing.

Low FODMAP Leek Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing leeks that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Leek-Related Products

Below are some other ingredients you might consider using in place of leeks and whether or not they’re suitable:

Are Spring Onions Low FODMAP?

If the bulbs of leeks are high FODMAP and you can only eat the leafy green you might start to wonder about similar foods like spring onions. You would be correct to wonder because these delicious onions suffer from the same issues.

The white onion bulb is high FODMAP but the leafy green section of the spring onion is low FODMAP and can be included in your diet in small amounts.

Are Onions Low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, all types of onions are considered to be high in FODMAPs which can make cooking a little tricky. You could try adding a pungent Indian spice instead.

The spice is called Asafoetida and is fairly common in Indian meals. It adds a delicious flavour and you may not even notice the missing onion.

Is Onion Powder Low FODMAP?

Onion powder is not a low FODMAP ingredient, however, it is often used in such small quantities in dishes that the final dish can be low FODMAP.

Unfortunately, this is a case of seeing what impacts you and what does not. If you have a stock cube, for example, that contains onion powder, then you could try it to see if it causes bloating or other digestive issues.

Common Leek FAQs

Below are some common questions that people also ask when looking at whether leeks are suitable for a low FODMAP diet:

Are Leeks Bad for IBS?

Generally, most vegetables from the allium family will have a negative impact on anyone suffering from IBS. The same can be said for leeks. You can try to introduce a small amount of green leek into your diet to see what impact it has.

What about Baby Leeks?

Everything written in this article can also be applied to baby leeks. In fact, baby leeks tend to have a more concentrated flavour. This means their levels of FODMAPs are also likely to be more concentrated.

Quick Summary

When it comes to whether or not leeks are high or low FODMAP the answer is a little tricky. Technically it is both!

This does depend on which part of the leek you choose to use. If you stick to the leafy green section of the leek and only use around 50 grams you can still get some of that delicious flavour into your meals.

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