Are Green Beans Low FODMAP?

We all know vegetables are good for us and that we need at least five portions a day but when it comes to trying to follow a low FODMAP diet the subject of vegetables can be fraught with difficulty.

FODMAPs can seem to hide in the strangest of places and some vegetables may be hiding FODMAPs. Not great news if you have an intolerance to them! But which vegetables can you eat? For example, are green beans low FODMAP?

Yes, green beans can be low FODMAP! As with many types of foods you do still have to watch your portion size. A portion of 75 grams should be fine but if you exceed this measurement then you will soon find those FODMAPs start to add up.

Eating Green Beans on a FODMAP Diet

On the whole green beans are not something you need to worry about too much when following a low FODMAP diet. It’s hard to go too far wrong. The only thing you really need to be careful of is your portion size!

Fortunately, the recommended portion size is generous so even this shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Another thing to watch is if you are served green beans while eating out at a restaurant or even at a friend’s house. These popular veggies are wonderful when added together with so many flavours but these flavours may be hiding FODMAPs of their own.

Too much chilli, garlic or even onion and you may soon find your low FODMAP vegetable is high in hidden FODMAPs

Recommended Green Beans Portion

It is a little unusual for us to be worrying about our veggie serving size. Surely you can’t have too much of a vegetable?

Unfortunately when it comes to FODMAPs then you have to be careful even with your vegetables. Green beans are no different. A general rule of thumb is that you should keep your portions to 75 grams or less.

This will ensure the green beans are low in FODMAPs and this is a generous serving size so you shouldn’t feel like you are missing out. 

75 Grams of Green Beans Remains Low FODMAP

How to Use Green Beans

Green beans are a wonderfully versatile vegetable. They are great roasted, fried or cooked into meals. Here are some ideas for you to try. 

Add Green Beans Into Any Recipe

Green beans are a great way to add a healthy vegetable to all kinds of recipes. You can use them to bulk out stews and casseroles. You can even chop them up and pop them into your chilli’s and bolognese!

Perfect for hiding veggies into meals to ensure the whole family gets the health benefit of vegetables. 

Make a Healthy Stirfry

When you next make a stirfry for dinner add some green beans too. Trim the ends off the beans and chop them in half or into thirds.

Pop a little oil into a pan and fry up the green beans with any other ingredients that take a little longer. Then add the rest of your stir fry and fry for a few minutes until cooked. 

Fry, Roast or Steam for a Side Dish

Keep it simple and serve up your green beans as a side dish. You can pop them into the oven to roast or fry them up with a little butter.

If you are short on time you can even pop them into the steamer and steam them for a couple of minutes.

Roasted Green Beans Low FODMAP

Low FODMAP Green Bean Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing green beans that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Bean Products

There are a huge variety of beans and legumes available in the supermarket. But are all of them like green beans or should some be avoided?

Are String Beans Low FODMAP?

String beans is just another name for green beans. The name comes from an old fashioned idea that you had to remove the ‘string’ that runs down the side of the pod before cooking. This isn’t true, all you need to do is trim off the ends and cook. 

Are Broad Beans low FODMAP?

In the UK we tend to call this type of beans by the name ‘broad beans’ In other countries, they may be better known as fava beans. Unfortunately, whatever name you use, these beans are not low FODMAP.

They contain high amounts of the FODMAP oligosaccharide which is a carbohydrate sugar and can cause irritation in those who are FODMAP sensitive.

Common Green Beans FAQs

Below are some common questions regarding eating green beans on a low FODMAP diet that you may find useful:

Are Green Beans Good for IBS?

Generally, with portions of up to 75 grams, green beans are fine for people suffering from IBS. As is often the case, IBS impacts every person differently so it’s a good idea to slowly introduce it to your diet.

If you notice flare-ups after eating green beans then eliminate them from your diet to see if things improve.

Do Green Beans Cause Gas?

Yes, green beans (like many beans) have been known to cause gas. Unfortunately, it’s not a question with a binary answer. Green beans are likely to cause more gas in some people whilst they may cause no gas in other people.

Quick Summary

Green beans are low FODMAP and can be cooked in so many ways! There is no excuse not to include this delicious veggie in your low FODMAP diet. Just be careful of your portion size and don’t exceed the recommended portion size of 75 grams.

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