Are Edamame Low FODMAP?

So you want to know whether or not you can enjoy edamame when following a low FODMAP diet, whether it’s sprinkled with salt, a little squeeze of lemon or a pinch of chilli flakes? Then keep reading to discover whether edamame are low FODMAP or not.

The Quick Answer

Edamame can be low FODMAP. However, as is often the case when following a low FODMAP diet, it’s not that straightforward. You do need to keep a close eye on your edamame portions. 100g in the pod or 50g outside their pods is generally considered to be low FODMAP.


Edamame on a FODMAP Diet

From portions to how to go about using edamame, we’ve covered everything you could possibly need or want to know about consuming edamame when suffering from IBS or following a low FODMAP diet.

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Recommended Edamame Portion

When it comes to consuming edamame you can have around 100g if you’re weighing them in the pod or around 50g if you’re weighing them outside their pods. This is enough for a healthy portion which means you can fully enjoy edamame, sprinkled with a dash of salt or chilli flakes without having to worry too much about the FODMAP quantities.

How to Use Edamame

You might think that edamame is limited to being served in a bowl sprinkled with salt – that’s how they’re usually served up after all. There’s nothing wrong with that but there is actually a range of other things you can do with edamame:

Edamame SaladBroccoli, edamame and feta with a lemon dressing work amazingly well as a salad. You could try ditching the feta and dressing and making sesame and peanut butter dressing for a more Asian-inspired dish. Edamame are a great way to bring texture to a salad.

Edamame Dip – You can make a healthy hummus style dip using edamame beans. All you need is a drizzle of garlic-infused oil, some lemon juice and a bunch of fresh herbs. Just toss them all into a blender with some edamame and puree.

If you’re looking for a delicious recipe to make your own edamame dip then check this one out from VeryWellFit.

Edamame Falafel – No, really! All you need to do is mash some edamame into some falafel-shaped patties, fry and then enjoy in a gluten-free wrap. Easy and delicious!

Are Soybeans Low FODMAP?

You might think soybeans and edamame are the same thing. In fact, you’re not wrong. They are the exact same vegetables. The difference is that edamame are young soybeans. They are soybeans that have not yet fully developed. This also means their nutrient levels are not the same. Soybeans are rich in FODMAPs when fully developed so should be avoided at all costs.

Are Broad Beans Low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, although you might think edamame and broad beans are similar, they are in fact very different when it comes to their FODMAP properties. Broad beans are not suitable for anyone following a low FODMAP diet and are actually very similar to other beans such as haricot, kidney and butter beans which should also be avoided at all costs.

Are Broad Beans Low FODMAP

Quick Summary

Edamame are one of those vegetables you can still treat yourself to when following a low FODMAP diet. Just be wary of consuming soybeans which, on the face of it, may appear to be the same as edamame but are in fact high FODMAP so need to be avoided.

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