Are Dried Figs Low FODMAP?

Dried fruit seems like a great idea for a quick, easy and natural snack but when it comes to following a low FODMAP diet nothing is quite that simple. But figs are such a diverse food it would be lovely to be able to use them even if it’s only in small amounts. So, are dried figs low FODMAP?

Yes, dried figs are low FODMAP. According to Monash University, you should be able to eat approximately 20 grams of dried figs on a low FODMAP diet. 

Dried Figs on a FODMAP Diet

Whether or not you can eat dried figs and maintain a low FODMAP diet largely depends on your portion size. Fresh figs are considered to be very high in FODMAP levels and should be avoided. 

This would lead us to assume that dried figs are the same but dried figs have been tested by Monash University and although they are still considered to be high in FODMAPs you can still eat them in very small amounts. 

What is a Low FODMAP Dried Fig Portion?

It is important with food like dried figs that you take extra care with the portion size. The recommended portion is about 20 grams of dried fig. Try and ensure you don’t go over this as even just a couple of extra figs can change the FODMAP levels from low to high.

Make sure you limit portions of dried figs to just 20 grams!

Are Dried Figs IBS-Friendly?

Unfortunately, the concentrated nature of dried figs (like many dried fruits) can cause havoc to people who suffer from IBS.

Although it’s not a given that it will cause flare-ups (like some foods) there is a risk so make sure you slowly introduce them into your diet if you want to give dried figs a try.

Tips for Eating Dried Figs on a Low FODMAP Diet

Below are our top 3 tips for eating dried figs on a low FODMAP diet. Make sure you follow these before eating them:

Start Small
Dried figs can easily cause digestive issues which is why you should slowly introduce them into your diet, gradually increasing the portions up to 20 grams.

Check the Packaging
Unfortunately, some dried figs aren’t kept plain. You’ll find that some have added sugars and flavourings so make sure you give the packaging a once over.

Avoid Fresh Figs
Although a small portion of dried figs is low FODMAP, fresh figs can easily be high FODMAP so should, unfortunately, be avoided.

How to Use Dried Figs

Figs are not used as often as they could be in our recipes. They make a wonderful addition to a cheese board, as a dessert or even used in savoury dishes too. Here are a few ideas:

Dried Fig Snacks

For a quick afternoon pick me up you can have a small handful of dried figs. These are a natural and sweet treat that should pep up your energy levels to avoid that mid-afternoon slump.

Bake with Dried Figs

Figs are a particularly sweet fruit so if you want to lessen the amount of sugar in your baking then you can pop some chopped up dried fig into the mixture instead. You will still need some of the sugar but this should allow you to cut down a little.

When baking a cake make your mixture as usual and then towards the end pop a few chopped and floured figs into the mixture. The flour helps the fruit to evenly distribute throughout the cake as it bakes. 

Add to Soups and Stews

If you want to add a new flavour to your stew pop in a few chopped dried figs. You won’t need to exceed the portion size guidelines because just a few go a long way to add a little touch of natural sweetness to your recipe.

All you need to do is pop your figs just before you simmer the soup or stew. By the time it has cooked they will have plumped up and softened and be delicious. 

Low FODMAP Dried Fig Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing dried figs that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Questions

Below are a handful of other common questions that get asked when people consider whether or not dried figs are low FODMAP:

Are Fresh Figs Low FODMAP?

Fresh figs should be avoided as much as possible. They are high FODMAP with high numbers of fructose and sorbitol. So even in relatively small amounts, they can contain excessive levels of FODMAPs.

Are Dates Low FODMAP?

Dates are a fruit that is technically high in FODMAPs. However as with many types of food, as long as you are very careful with your portion size you can include a little date in your diet.

The recommended portion for dates is about ⅓ of a fresh date. If you are looking to eat dried dates be extra careful because the FODMAPs end up concentrated so even a very small amount can be very high in FODMAPs.

Is Dried Fruit Low FODMAP?

The simplest answer to whether or not you should eat dried fruit on a low FODMAP diet is no.

Although there may be some cases where you can eat a little dried fruit, these instances are fairly rare so if in doubt and if you are unsure then avoid them rather than take the risk. 

Final Summary

Dried figs are one of those tricky foods where technically the answer is yes, they are high in FODMAPs. But, things are never quite as cut and dry as a simple yes or no answer when it comes to FODMAPs.

Luckily, you can still enjoy a very small serving of 20 grams of dried fig on your diet. This isn’t very much so you will need to use your dried fig carefully. One tip is to chop them up so they go a little further in your cooking. 

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