Are Dried Apricots Low FODMAP?

It isn’t easy to find healthy, tasty snacks that feel like a treat when you need them. When you are looking for a snack you often want something easy to grab, easy to eat and a little sweet to pick you up during those mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy slumps.

This is why dried fruits, like dried apricots, seem like the perfect answer. In many situations this is true, they are a great snack. But, what about if you need to follow a low FODMAP diet? Are dried apricots low FODMAP?

No ,dried apricots are not low FODMAP. This is due to the drying process which increases the concentration of FODMAPs. If you want a snack then consider low FODMAP fresh fruit instead like blueberries or strawberries. 


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Eating Dried Apricots on a FODMAP Diet

Fruit is a little strange when it comes to FODMAPs. They all contain a certain number of FODMAPs because the sweetness from fruit comes from fructose and a little glucose.

It is the fructose that causes FODMAP digestive issues.

Different fruits have different levels which is why some types of fruit are considered to be low FODMAP. However, apricots, whether they are dried or not, are considered high in FODMAPs so you should avoid them when following this type of diet. 

When we are starting to look into dried fruit things become even more difficult. This is because when you dry fruit the FODMAPs go up despite the fruit getting smaller.

When you dry fruit, the moisture is taken out, and this process increases the concentration levels of FODMAPs and other sugars. That’s why dried fruit is such a delicious sweet treat.

Unfortunately, it does mean that most dried fruit is a no-no when it comes to a FODMAP diet. 

Low FODMAP Alternatives to Dried Apricots

Even though you can’t eat or cook with dried apricots, all is not lost. There are plenty of other low FODMAP foods you can enjoy:

Dried Cranberries

Dried cranberries are a good alternative to dried apricots if you really need some dried fruit in particular. They are still relatively high in FODMAPs so you will need to be cautious and test out your body’s tolerance to it.

It is recommended you may be able to eat small servings of about 9 grams of dried cranberries. This works out to be about the same as a 130-gram portion of fresh cranberries so if you want more then you may need to switch to using fresh cranberries rather than dried. 

Fresh Fruit

Fruit fruit is a great alternative to dried fruit. Go for lower FODMAP options such as blueberries, kiwis, oranges and strawberries. They all make a great snack and can be used in your cooking.


Nuts are also a good snacking option although you do need to be careful which types you choose as some are higher in FODMAPs than others.

Lower FODMAP nuts include brazil nuts, chestnuts, pine nuts and walnuts. You will need to check the recommended portion sizes before you eat too much or the FODMAP levels can quickly start to build.

Common Dried Apricot FAQs

Below are some commonly asked questions when discussing whether or not dried apricots are low FODMAP:

Are Raisins Low FODMAP?

Raisins are a very sweet type of dried fruit and are not low FODMAP at all. Their fructan level is high and you should be very careful when including even a small amount into your diet. 

Are Apricots Low FODMAP?

If you think about how sweet apricots are, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to realise they are high FODMAP.

There are no other fruits that taste quite like apricot but you could still benefit from the sweetness of fruit by using lower FODMAP alternatives such as papaya or berries. 

Is Dried Fruit Low FODMAP?

As a general rule, dried fruit is not low FODMAP. If in doubt avoid all dried fruit and you should be okay. However, there is one exception to this rule and this is dried cranberries.

Some people find they are fine with a very small amount of dried cranberry in their diet. Keep your portions to 9grams or less though or the FODMAP levels will start to build. 

So, Are Dried Apricts Low FODMAP?

Dried fruit is generally not considered to be low FODMAP and dried apricot fits in with this school of thought too.

It isn’t low FODMAP and you should be very cautious about eating even a small amount. It won’t be the same but there are other ways of getting fruit into your diet. It is just better to stick to fresh low FODMAP fruits instead. 

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