Are Chestnut Mushrooms Low FODMAP?

Chestnut mushrooms can bring an earthiness to stews and meatiness to vegetarian dinners. But do they also contain FODMAPs or can they safely be enjoyed by anyone following a low FODMAP diet?

The Quick Answer

Chestnut mushrooms are not low FODMAP. Unfortunately, most mushrooms are high FODMAP and must, therefore, be avoided by anyone following a low FODMAP diet. There are, however, a few mushroom varieties that are low FODMAP including oyster, shimeji and dried mushrooms.


Chestnut Mushrooms on a FODMAP Diet

There’s no ingredient quite like mushrooms so having to cut them from your diet to avoid FODMAPs can be disappointing. But don’t let that disappointment last – there are, in fact, some alternatives to chestnut mushrooms that you might be pleased to hear about.

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Why Chestnut Mushrooms Must be Avoided

It’s not just chestnut mushrooms that you need to avoid. Unfortunately, the majority of mushrooms are high FODMAP foods. This includes portobello mushrooms, fresh shiitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and, of course, chestnut mushrooms.

They are rich with FODMAPs so even a small serving can cause discomfort for some IBS suffers. If you’re strictly adhering to a low FODMAP diet then you need to avoid all of these mushrooms.

Monash University in Australia is the leading research centre for FODMAPs. They found that chestnut mushrooms are incredibly high in polyols. That’s the P in FODMAP. Even a half serving of button mushrooms contained a high concentration of polyols.

Low FODMAP Chestnut Mushrooms Alternatives

You probably thought that all mushrooms were born the same when it comes to their FODMAP qualities. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to give up every form of mushroom to follow a low FODMAP diet. There are some alternatives to chestnut mushrooms which are low FODMAP:

Oyster Mushrooms: Oyster mushrooms are a flavour-packed mushroom that works well in a variety of dishes where you would normally use chestnut mushrooms. You can even throw them on the BBQ seasoned with plenty of salt and black pepper. Try to limit your consumption to 75g to keep the FODMAP count low. If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration then these roasted oyster mushrooms from FODMAP Formula are a must-try!

Shimeji Mushrooms: Shimeji are a mushroom most commonly found in East Asian cooking. You’ll often see them adorning a bowl of ramen noodles, for example. They can be very bitter when raw so make sure you cook them first. Again, limit your serving to 75g at most.

Are Shimeji Low FODMAP

Dried Porcini or Shiitake Mushrooms: Dried mushrooms pack a lot of punch in a small amount. That’s handy because when you consume a lot of dried mushrooms they become high FODMAP. You want to limit your serving to around 1tbsp per serving to keep them low FODMAP.

Are Chanterelle Mushrooms Low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, there’s only so much time and money for food to be analysed for FODMAPs. Unfortunately, chanterelles have not been thoroughly researched so, therefore, is not enough data to determine whether they are high or low FODMAP.

The best thing to do is to eliminate them from your diet when following a low FODMAP plan. You can then gradually introduce them to see if you body reacts to them. This is the case of a lot of wild and exotic mushrooms. As the mushroom family is so large, it is hard for research centres to study each one extensively.

Are Bluet Mushrooms Low FODMAP?

Like chanterelle mushroom, there is no research on bluet mushrooms. This is the case for a lot of wild and exotic mushrooms. There are only so many food items that can be looked into and the focus will always be on food items that are more common. Bluet mushrooms aren’t on most people’s shopping lists.

The best approach to take is one of caution. We would recommend eliminating bluet mushrooms from your diet.

Are Button Mushrooms Low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, button mushrooms have very similar properties to chestnut mushrooms. That does mean you need to avoid eating them as they are high FODMAP.

Are Crimini Mushrooms Low FODMAP?

Crimini is actually a US name for brown and white mushrooms. They are sometimes referred to as baby portobello mushrooms. With that information to hand, it will come as no surprise that crimini mushrooms are NOT low FODMAP and must be avoided at all costs if you’re following a low FODMAP diet.

Quick Summary

Chestnut mushrooms are, unfortunately, high FODMAP. But does that mean you have to suffer with no mushrooms in your diet at all? No! Fortunately, you can still get that rich, earthy, mushroom flavour without using button or chestnut mushrooms. Instead, try some of our alternatives to chestnut mushrooms which can still give you that much-needed mushroom hit.

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