Are Cheerios Low FODMAP?

Cheerios are a favourite for breakfast for both children and adults alike. This tasty cereal is a breakfast staple for so many but it can be a little tricky to know what to eat when you have to restrict your diet because of FODMAPs.

It would be too easy to assume that cereals are high FODMAP but this isn’t always the case, many of our breakfast favourites are fine to eat on a low FODMAP diet.

But, how about cheerios? Are cheerios low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Yes, it might seem surprising but in moderate amounts, cheerios are low FODMAP. This means you can include them in your diet in small portion sizes. Perfect for starting your day with a delicious bowl of cereal.


Eating Cheerios on a FODMAP Diet

There are some types of cereal that are certified to be low in FODMAPs.

There are several varieties of Kellogs cereals although it is worth noting that not all of these varieties will be available in all countries and the recipes may not be quite the same everywhere either.

Cheerios is a cereal that is not officially certified but is still considered to be low in FODMAP’s as long as you stick to moderate amounts for a portion.

One thing to watch is that even though cheerios are low FODMAP this doesn’t mean they won’t cause flare-ups to your digestive system They do contain other sugars and gluten that can cause problems too.

If you love a bowl of cereal for breakfast it may be worth cautiously trying some cheerios to see how your body reacts.

Recommended Cheerios Portion

There is not a great deal of information available on how much a portion of cheerios is and all information tends to be to stick to a moderate portion.

We would recommend that you take a look at the portion size advice on the package and use that as a guideline and see how your body reacts. If you need to lessen the amount then you can do this the next time you try until you get your perfect portion.

FODMAP Tip: Start with a Small Bowl of Cheerios and Slowly Increase the Portions

How to Use Cheerios

It might seem like there is one obvious way to eat your cheerios but are there some other ideas you can use to pep up your cereal?

Eat Cheerios for Breakfast

Let’s start with the most obvious use for cheerios and that’s for breakfast as a cereal. You will need to be careful of the milk you add and how much but once you have settled on a low FODMAP milk solution you can eat a small portion of cheerios for breakfast.

Add Low FODMAP Fruit and Yoghurt

You don’t have to stick to traditional methods when eating cereal for breakfast. You could choose a low FODMAP Yoghurt to mix into your cheerios. Add a topping of fruit and eat for a delicious breakfast with a twist.

Bake With Cheerios

Cheerios are a great way to add something extra to your baking. You can make some delicious flapjacks with cereals including cheerios. You can also make cereal-based biscuits and cakes too! There are lots of recipes to try once you start looking.

Low FODMAP Cheerios Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing cheerios that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Cereal Products

Of course, cheerios aren’t the only cereal out there. There are a number of other cereal products. But are they also low FODMAP?

Are Cornflakes Low FODMAP?

Cornflakes are considered to be low FODMAP and in New Zealand, they are certified as a low FODMAP food. Perfect for a great start to your morning. You still need to watch your portion sizes and keep them small to moderate.

Are Rice Krispies Low FODMAP?

Rice Krispies are another cereal type that are certified to be low in FODMAP’s. This is perfect if you want a little reassurance with the food you eat. Kids and adults both love this cereal and there is no better way to start your day!

It also means you can continue to make your delicious Rice Krispie cakes too.

Quick Summary

Cheerios are low in FODMAP’s but you should try them with a little caution because they do contain other ingredients that can cause those with digestive issues to suffer.

However, most people who are not gluten intolerant find they can eat a little of this cereal for breakfast without suffering from too many consequences.

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