Are Celery Leaves Low FODMAP?

You may or may not be aware that celery itself is only low FODMAP if consumed in small quantities. But what about the leaves of celery? Are they also a tricky one or are celery leaves, in fact, low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Celery leaves are low FODMAP. Celery leaves are packed full of flavour but, fortunately, are low FODMAP. That means you can use them chopped up in the base of a sauce, soup or stew to give it that much-needed celery freshness without using celery.


Celery Leaves on a FODMAP Diet

Celery leaves are a great option for adding flavour when following a low FODMAP diet. This is especially true when making your own chicken stock or broth which is often high FODMAP when bought in the supermarket in cube form. Having said that, there are a variety of other forms of celery you may want to consider when following a low FODMAP diet which we discuss below. We’ve also looked at everything else you could need to know about celery leaves.

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Recommended Celery Leaves Portion

We know celery leaves are low FODMAP but we don’t know precisely if the FODMAP level increases when consumed in large quantities. We already know that the consumption of celery stalks is limited when following a low FODMAP diet. Having said that, celery leaves are packed full of flavour in such a small size that it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself consuming a particularly large portion at any one time.

How Should You Use Celery Leaves?

Celery leaves can be used in place of celery in any recipe. The good news is that you’ll only need a few leaves to pack a punch. You won’t get the texture of normal celery to bulk out the base of soups or sauces so bear that in mind. If the main reason for the celery in a recipe is flavour then celery leaves will work just as well.

Is Celery Low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, celery is a tricky one as you really need to watch your portion sizes to ensure it remains low FODMAP. You need to limit your consumption of celery to a small 5cm piece of stalk. When you go beyond this, the level of FODMAP increases dramatically. That means using celery to dip into hummus is out of the question.

Is Celery Low FODMAP

Is Celery Salt Low FODMAP?

Rather frustratingly, there are mixed reports on whether or not celery salt is low FODMAP. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer. Celery salt is made up of ground celery seeds and salt. In very small doses, we would expect the FODMAP level to remain low. But there is no sure-fire way of being certain at this time.

If you are worried they may be high FODMAP then it might simply be easier to avoid instead. Just be wary that a lot of spice mixes will contain celery salt as it’s a cheap way of bulking out the packet.

Is Celery Juice Low FODMAP?

Celery juice has been hailed by some as a miracle cure for ailments including IBS. But don’t believe the hype! It’s just like any other vegetable juice that is packed with good vitamins. Having said that, you really should avoid celery juice if you suffer from IBS or are following a low FODMAP diet. Celery juice contains mannitol which is a FODMAP. Even a standard glass of celery juice can be high FODMAP.

For this reason, we would highly recommend avoiding the consumption of celery juice if you’re following a low FODMAP diet.

Quick Summary

In answer to the main question, yes, celery leaves are low FODMAP which gives you plenty of scope to add that subtle savoury hint to your dishes. When it comes to other forms of celery, things do tend to get a little more complicated with portion controls and no definitive answers.

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