Are Broad Beans Low FODMAP?

Broad beans are a common sight in the UK but did you know they have other names too? In other countries, they are more commonly known as fava beans however they may also be known as horse beans or English beans.

If you are wondering whether or not broad beans are low in FODMAPs then you are not alone. So can you eat broad beans when following a low FODMAP diet or not?

Unfortunately, broad beans are considered to be high in FODMAPs so are best avoided when trying to stick to a low FODMAP diet. Alternatives may be green beans or lima beans which are lower in FODMAPs.

Eating Broad Beans on a FODMAP Diet

Broad beans contain protein and plenty of vitamins but they also contain oligosaccharides which are a FODMAP. Oligosaccharides are a carb-sugar and can wreak havoc with anyone with a sensitive digestive system.

If you accidentally consume some of these then they may cause you to feel bloated fairly instantly. In rare cases or with regular consumption your symptoms may worsen and become serious. 

Low FODMAP Alternatives To Broad Beans

If you feel you are missing out on your broad beans then you may well be able to substitute them for something else. If it’s a veggie side dish you are looking for then opt for green beans or any other type of low FODMAP vegetable such as broccoli.

It won’t quite be the same but you won’t feel you are missing out on too much. Unfortunately, following a low FODMAP diet is all about compromise.  

For bean salads and dishes like chilli or other bean-packed dishes, you may want to use lima beans instead which are lower in FODMAPs. Butter beans is another name for this type of bean.

Unfortunately, they are not entirely low in FODMAPs but they are low enough at the correct portion size of 35 grams to be considered low FODMAP.

35 grams of lima beans are considered low FODMAP and are a great alternative to broad beans

Are Green Beans Low FODMAP?

Green beans are much lower in FODMAPs than broad beans and you can include them into your diet in portions of around 75 grams. Perfect for a side dish and a great alternative to broad beans.

These beans are easy and versatile to cook. You can fry them in butter or roast them in the oven!

Are Green Beans Low FODMAP

Are Fava Beans Low FODMAP?

Fava beans is another name for broad beans so unfortunately they are not low in FODMAPs and should be avoided while following a low FODMAP diet.

If you need beans try using lima beans instead or think about whether or not you need beans and can use other vegetables instead.

Are Lima Beans Low FODMAP?

Lima beans are a type of bean that are lower in FODMAPs than other types of beans which makes them a great alternative for broad beans. You should be safe to eat portions of around 35 grams of tinned lima beans in one serving which is perfect for most recipes.

You could even make a delicious chilli or bean salad with them. Be careful of using fresh or dried lima beans because these may be higher in FODMAPs and cause you problems. 

Are Butter Beans Low FODMAP?

Butter beans are another name for Lima beans so whilst they are moderately high in FODMAP if you limit your portion to around 35 grams then they should remain low enough in FODMAPs at this serving size to be part of your diet.

Perfect as an alternative to broad beans or other types of high FODMAP beans.

Common Broad Bean FAQs

Below are a couple of common questions regarding eating beans on a low FODMAP diet:

What Beans are Low FODMAP?

Thankfully, there are a number of beans that are low in FODMAP and can be enjoyed on a low FODMAP diet. These include chana dal, green beans and lima beans.

What Beans are Bad for IBS?

Unfortunately, the list of beans that are bad for IBS is quite extensive. Baked beans, broad beans, chickpeas, lentils and soybeans can all be bad for people with IBS.

Quick Summary

There are a few foods that you need to stay away from completely on a low FODMAP diet and broad beans are one of those foods. They can cause bloating and other digestive issues and are high in oligosaccharides which is a carbohydrate sugar.

There are lots of other veggies you can use and you could even use lime or butter beans instead.

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