Are Blackcurrants Low FODMAP?

Fruit can be a tricky world to navigate when it comes to following a Low FODMAP diet. Fruit contains all sorts of different FODMAPs and it can easily set off your IBS.

Luckily, there are many types of fruit that are fine to eat on a low FODMAP diet. So, are blackcurrants low FODMAP or not?

Unfortunately, blackcurrants are not low FODMAP. They are one of the fruits that are high in FODMAPs. They are best avoided completely. Instead, you could substitute them for other summer berries.


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Eating Blackcurrants on a FODMAP Diet

Blackcurrants are very high in a FODMAP called sorbitol. This is a type of sugar or carbohydrate. It is one of the sugars that also fall into the sugar alcohol category.

For this reason, even small amounts of blackcurrants can cause flare-ups of IBS or other digestive system issues. 

Although rare for fruit, blackcurrants are one item we would strike off your list of foods to eat as they will often cause adverse reactions.

Low FODMAP Alternatives to Blackcurrants

Even though blackcurrants are high in FODMAP this doesn’t mean that all berries and summer fruits are high in FODMAPs.

You can use other berries such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and goji berries. All of these may not be quite the same as blackcurrants but they are delicious and you can still get your summer berry fix without the FODMAPs.

Let’s take a closer look at some alternatives to blackcurrants and whether or not they are low FODMAP:

Are Strawberries Low FODMAP?

Strawberries are low FODMAP but they do contain some FODMAPs so you will need to be a little careful.

The recommended portion size of these delicious summer berries is about 150 grams. This may seem like a lot but it equates to around 10 strawberries. When you do use strawberries make sure you use them wisely so you get the most out of them! 

Are Blueberries Low FODMAP?

Blueberries are a deliciously sharp and tangy fruit that can be eaten raw, cooked, stewed or even added to your baking. They are also low in FODMAPs as long as you keep your portions to around 40 grams.

This is usually enough because blueberries are a little smaller and lighter than other summer berries.

Are Blackberries low FODMAP?

Blackberries are fairly high in FODMAPs although they have been tested and one berry is low enough in FODMAPs to eat.

However, there isn’t too much point in eating just one berry! So, it might be better to avoid these blackberries completely and opt for other types of berries instead.

Are Goji Berries Low FODMAP?

If it’s a sour or tangy flavour you are looking for then you could try using goji berries instead of blackcurrants. These small distinctive berries are useful because they can be added to so many types of recipes.

On a low FODMAP diet you can use around three tablespoons which should be enough to add flavour to most meals.

Are Redcurrants Low FODMAP?

Redcurrants are a member of the gooseberry family which is why they have that distinctive sharp flavour. There is not too much information about them and how low or high in FODMAPs they contain.

So, it is best to avoid them and be safe rather than risk a flare-up of digestive issues. 

So, Are Blackcurrants Low FODMAP?

Blackcurrants are one of the few foods that it is best to avoid completely when following a low FODMAP diet.

They are high in a FODMAP called sorbitol and even small portions may cause problems. You can use lots of different berries as an alternative including strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

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