Are Black Beans Low FODMAP?

Black beans are one of the types of beans that are incredibly healthy. They are high in protein, fibre and a whole host of nutrients. However, beans can be problematic when following a low FODMAP diet which is why you will be wondering, are black beans low FODMAP?

Yes, black beans are low FODMAP as long as you only buy and eat black beans that have been tinned. Even with this, you need to keep your portion to 40 grams of beans to remain low FODMAP.

Black Beans on a FODMAP Diet

Black beans, like most types of beans, are usually on the ‘do not eat’ list when it comes to a low FODMAP diet and this, for the most part, is true.

If you are eating out or you haven’t prepared the meal that contains black beans yourself then you should avoid it. This is because you won’t be able to know how the beans were prepared and cooked or where they came from. 

Black beans should only be eaten if they come from a tin. Dried black beans should be avoided, as should any meal or food that contains black beans. This is because tinned beans tend to allow for the FODMAPs to leach out during the processing.

This means the bean itself, once drained, contains fewer FODMAPs. You will still need to watch your portion size because even increasing your portion by a little can make the food into a very high FODMAP rather than a low FODMAP one. 

What is a Low FODMAP Black Bean Portion?

Black beans have been tested and are one of the types of beans you can include in a low FODMAP diet. Although, you do have to be very strict with your portion sizes and with how you buy your black beans.

Beans are in general high in FODMAPs which is why it’s best to avoid them if you have any doubts.

For black beans, you can eat a portion size of around 40 grams as long as you buy tinned black beans. Dried black beans are not low FODMAP so should be avoided. 

Limit your portion of black beans to around 40 grams per serving and ensure they are tinned

Are Black Beans IBS-Friendly?

Black beans, like most beans, are known to cause major bloating in many IBS sufferers even though they can be consumed where FODMAP levels are kept to a minimum.

Black beans are one of those ingredients where you’ll need to gradually introduce it into your diet to determine whether or not it has an impact on your particular body, unfortunately.

Tips for Eating Black Beans on a Low FODMAP Diet

If you’re going to eat black beans when following a low FODMAP diet, then make sure you follow our top 3 tips:

Stick to Tinned Black Beans
Black beans, when dried and then rehydrated at home, are full of FODMAPs. Fortunately, when tinned, some of the FODMAPs leech into the liquid meaning they are low FODMAP. You must stick to tinned black beans.

Mix With Other Beans
There are a few other bean types, such as butter beans, as well as chickpeas which, when portions are kept in check, are low FODMAP. This means you can create mixed bean salads.

Watch Seasonings
Some prepared black beans from the supermarket will be seasoned and flavoured with the ingredients such as garlic and onion which, obviously, need to be avoided. So keep an eye on the ingredients list.

How to Use Black Beans

Black beans, just like most types of beans, are a great way to add protein to your diet. Here are some ideas you could try to make low FODMAP meals that contain some black beans: 

Black Bean Rice Bowl

A rice bowl is a great way to use up rice and vegetable leftovers. Take your rice and add some stock and herbs. Cook up some black beans to go with it and then heat up your rice.

Mix them all together and if you want to then add a drizzle of oil over the top. This is a quick and delicious meal for either lunchtime or your main meal in the evening. 

Black Bean Salad

Add some protein to your lunchtime salad by popping some black beans over the top. All you need to do is make your salad as usual then measure out and pop your black beans on the top.

They may need cooking first so make sure you leave yourself enough preparation time for the beans to cook and then cool before making your salad.

Beef and Bean Chilli

Traditionally, chilli contains a lot of ingredients that are on the no-no list for a low FODMAP diet.

However, if you are careful and make your chilli using a little chilli powder, meat and only a small amount of black beans you should be able to have a delicious meal that is still reminiscent of the chilli you love.

You will need to cut out the garlic and onion though, these are very high FODMAP foods.

Low FODMAP Black Bean Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing black beans that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Questions

Below are a few other questions many people ask when considering whether or not black beans are low FODMAP :

Are Lima Beans Low FODMAP?

Lima beans are one type of bean you can eat as long as you do so within FODMAP guidelines.

Beans, in general, are high in FODMAPs but if you opt for tinned lima or butter beans then you should be able to eat about a quarter of a tin and stay low FODMAP.

Are Kidney Beans Low FODMAP?

Kidney beans are not low FODMAP so you should be careful. In some cases, tinned kidney beans can be lower in FODMAPs. But, if you try this then you should still keep your portions small.

If in doubt try swapping out kidney beans for a quarter of a tin of tinned chickpeas. This amount of chickpea is fine as long as they are tinned and not dried. 

Are Cannellini Beans Low FODMAP?

Most types of beans are considered to be high FODMAP which is why you should take care when using them.

If you can get canned varieties these may be used. But, when it comes to cannellini beans, these are considered to be high in FODMAPs and should be avoided as much as possible.

Final Summary

Black beans are a food to be careful with and only eat when you have prepared the meal yourself. This is because you need to ensure that only tinned black beans are used and not dried or any other type of beans.

As long as you keep your portions within the guidelines you can still enjoy your recipes that contain beans as usual.

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