Are Apricots Low FODMAP?

Fruit is one of the more difficult areas of food to navigate when looking into a low FODMAP diet. Many of them contain sorbitol and fructose, both of which are FODMAPs. Despite this, it is possible to eat some fruits. But, do apricots fit into this list? Are apricots low FODMAP?

No, apricots are not low FODMAP. They contain high amounts of both sorbitol and fructans and as such should be avoided as much as possible when following a low FODMAP diet. 

Apricots on a FODMAP Diet

Apricots might seem like a harmless tasty treat but they are one of those fruits that contain a lot of FODMAPs. The offending FODMAP in particular in apricots is sorbitol.

This is a type of alcohol sugar but the problems are only just beginning. Apricots also contain some fructans too which is why it’s far easier to avoid them and opt for a low FODMAP alternative. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t have any apricot at all in your diet. What it does mean is that you have to be very careful. It is thought you can eat around half an apricot and not suffer too many problems.

However, everyone is different and this is something to test in very small amounts when you are out of an elimination phase of your diet. 

Are Apricots IBS-Friendly?

Unfortunately, apricots are now IBS-friendly. They are notorious for giving people wind and digestive issues. These issues are only exasperated if you suffer from IBS so it’s well with avoiding apricots, unfortunately.

Low FODMAP Alternatives to Apricots

Fruit is a difficult area of food to navigate when trying to keep your diet low in FODMAPs. Many fruits contain high amounts of fructose and alcohol sugars which are a type of FODMAP.

However, there are some fruits you can eat. Here are some ideas:

Kiwi is a delicious fruit that is very tangy and refreshing. It is also low in FODMAPs so you can eat a fair amount in one serving. Two peeled kiwi fruits should be enough for anyone as a snack and it is low FODMAP.

Strawberries are more than just a summer treat. They are delicious, good for you and low FODMAP too. You will still need to be careful and keep your portions to a handful of around 140 grams of strawberries.

Blueberries are another delicious fruity snack. Easy to grab and easy to eat they are the perfect snack to keep on hand. They are also low FODMAP so you can eat up to 40 grams in one serving.

Other Questions

Below are a few related questions to whether or not apricots are low FODMAP:

Are Dried Apricots Low FODMAP?

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to find out that dried apricots are high in FODMAPs. If anything the dried version is worse because the fructans tend to concentrate as the fruit is dried.

This is one fruit to avoid completely while following a low FODMAP diet. Instead, opt for lower FODMAP fruits such as fresh strawberries and blueberries

Is Dried Fruit Low FODMAP?

Dried fruit tends to be a pretty big offender when it comes to FODMAP levels. Most dried fruit will be concentrated and contain even more FODMAPs gram for gram than its fresh fruit version.

This means you should avoid most dried fruits unless you are very sure it is low FODMAP. Some things just are not worth the risk! 

Final Summary

If in doubt always avoid foods that are labelled as high FODMAP. Apricots are one of these foods and extra care should be taken.

If you do try this tasty fruit then make sure you are not in an elimination phase of your diet and start with very small portions to test yourself before adding a full portion of half an apricot to your diet. 

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