Are Apples Low FODMAP?

Apples are everybody’s favourite healthy snack. They come in lots of varieties and colours and even have a large selection of flavours that range in sweetness and tanginess. They are known to be a fairly sweet fruit and this can be a problem when following a low FODMAP diet.

Does this mean that you can’t eat apples? Let’s find out, are apples low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Unfortunately, apples are all considered to be high FODMAP. This is true for all varieties although some types of apples are higher in FODMAP’s than others. If unsure you should just eliminate apples from your diet if they cause you a problem.


Eating Apples on a FODMAP Diet

Fruit can be a little tricky on a low FODMAP diet because all fruits contain a certain amount of fructose. This is what makes them sweet but it is also a FODMAP and can cause some issues. Some fruits are better than others.

How low FODMAP a fruit is considered is usually to do with how much glucose they contain as well as fructose. Glucose is a non-FODMAP type of sugar and it can actually help you to absorb fructose so fruits with extra glucose might actually be lower in FODMAPs than those that contain mainly fructose.

Unfortunately, apples contain high amounts of fructose and are considered a high FODMAP type of fruit.

As you will be aware there are lots of varieties of apples and Monash university do retest from time to time. You may find that certain varieties are better than others. For example, Granny Smiths and Pink Lady types of apple may be low enough in FODMAPs to include in your diet in small amounts.

Granny Smith Low FODMAP

Recommended Apple Portion

We would recommend that you stay away from most varieties of apples, especially during your elimination phase or any restriction phases of the diet you are doing.

Once you are starting to reinclude some foods then you may be able to enjoy small amounts of some varieties of apples. Two of the known varieties are granny smiths and pink ladies. These can be eaten in portions of around 20 grams.

FODMAP Tip: We Would Avoid Eating Apples on a No-FODMAP Diet

Low FODMAP Alternatives to Apples

If you are reaching for an apple to eat then chances are you are looking for a healthy snack or treat after a meal but don’t want to eat too many calories. You may not be able to eat apples while following your low FODMAP diet but there are plenty of other fruits that you can enjoy.

It may no longer be a case of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but there are some fruits you can eat:

Unripe Bananas

Bananas are a strange fruit because while they are unripe they may be eaten in small amounts on a low FODMAP diet. The problems start to occur as they ripen. These fruits develop in flavour and sweetness and as such because higher in FODMAPs.

Stick to portions of about a third of a banana and you should be fine.


Blueberries are a delicious snack that are super good for you too! On a low FODMAP diet you can eat a snack of about 28 grams as one portion size. This equates to about twenty berries – the perfect amount for a snack.


Kiwi fruit is another type of fruit that is slightly lower in FODMAPs which means you can eat them instead of an apple when you need a sweet treat.

Kiwi is also one of those fruits you can eat a little more of in comparison to other fruits. You can eat up to about 150 grams in one serving. This is about the size of two small kiwi fruits.


Strawberries are another fruit that make a great snack or dessert and are low in FODMAPs. You can include a portion of about 140 grams in your diet, which is about ten strawberries.

If you want to feel like you have more strawberries in your bowl then cut them up into halves or quarters.

Other Apple Products

As you are probably well aware, apples come in many forms. We’ve included a couple of these common forms below. It’s also worth checking the ingredients list of lots of other foods you may eat including cakes, bread, jellies, yoghurts and sauces which can often have apple hidden in them:

Is Apple Juice Low FODMAP?

Apple juice, especially pure apple juice is considered to be high in FODMAPs even if you only have a small portion. As such, you should avoid it as much as possible while following a low FODMAP diet.

Is Apple Sauce Low FODMAP?

If you love apple sauce then unfortunately you are out of luck while following a low FODMAP diet. This delicious sauce is high in FODMAP’s and should be avoided.

Common Apple FAQs

Below are a few common queries that get asked when discussing whether or not apples are low FODMAP:

Are Any Apples Low FODMAP?

Fortunately, according to Monash, there are two varieties of apples that can be low FODMAP. These are Granny Smith and Pink Lady. They remain low FODMAP in portions of up to 20g and this is when they are both peeled or left unpeeled.

Are Cooked Apples Low FODMAP?

Unfortunately, cooked apples are also high FODMAP. In fact, cooking them can actually release some of the fructose which makes them particularly bad for anyone trying to avoid FODMAPs.

Are Pears Low FODMAP?

Pears are pretty much the same as apples, right? When it comes to FODMAPs, this is true. Pears, like apples, are high in fructose so should be avoided when following a low FODMAP diet.

Quick Summary

On the whole, apples are considered to be high FODMAP and you would be best avoiding them while following a low FODMAP diet.

There are plenty of alternatives you can eat instead. Reach for a delicious kiwi fruit or a handful of blueberries or strawberries instead and you won’t miss an apple at all.

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