Are Almonds Low FODMAP?

Almonds are a great snack and can add some delicious texture to salads. You can even turn them into some great desserts. But, can you eat them on a low FODMAP diet? Nuts and seeds can be a difficult minefield to navigate so let’s find out, are almonds low FODMAP?

The Quick Answer

Almonds are high FODMAP which means you need to take care if you’re following a low FODMAP Diet. However, you should be able to eat small amounts. So, if you want to add almond into your diet keep it to a portion of 8 to 10 nuts.


Eating Almonds on a FODMAP Diet

Most nuts and seeds are considered high FODMAP, and this is largely due to the fact they are usually eaten in larger portions than the number allowed to keep the FODMAP quantity low. It can be confusing as many websites differ on their information surrounding almonds and whether or not they are low or high FODMAP.

Even Monash University, one of the leading resources for FODMAP information, states they are high FODMAP. What makes things a little interesting is that Monash University has tested and found a typical portion of around 20 nuts are high in FODMAPs.

However, if you reduce the portion size down to ten almonds or less, then they are considered low FODMAP.

Whether or not you want to include a small number of almond nuts into your diet is down to your preferences and, of course, how your body reacts to them.

In one meal or snack, only eat a maximum of ten, and you should be fine. If you do find your body reacts negatively, then you may have to eliminate them from your diet.

Recommended Almond Portion

You need to be very strict with your portion sizes when it comes to almonds, as they can quickly end up being high in FODMAP’s. Keep your portion to less than ten almonds, and they are considered low FODMAP enough to eat even when following a low FODMAP lifestyle.

FODMAP Tip: Keep Almond Servings to Below 10 Almonds

How to Use Almonds

Almonds are super versatile to use, and you can bake with them, cook with them or just eat them as a delicious snack!

Have a Few as a Snack

Almonds are wonderful for nutrition and contain vitamin E, magnesium and are even thought to help lower your bad cholesterol.

They are also high in healthy fats, which can help you to feel fuller for longer.

This is why they can make a great mid-afternoon snack. If you want to make them a little more interesting, you can lightly dust them in salt.

Use Almonds to Decorate Cakes

Pep up your cakes by using almonds to decorate them. When you finish making your cake pop a few almonds on the top in a decorative pattern and then bake. This roasts the almonds, so they are delicious and add flavour to your cake.

An added bonus is that you can be sure you know exactly how many you are eating when you grab that cupcake for an afternoon treat.

Pop Chopped Almonds Into Salad

You can liven up your salad and make it a little more interesting by adding almonds. Make your usual salad, and then roughly chop up a few almonds into small pieces. Sprinkle these into the salad to add texture, flavour and some filling goodness.

Chopping the almonds help make just a few almonds go a lot further, and you will find you don’t need many in order to add a lot of flavour. It’s also a great way to add crunch and texture to a salad without needing to find gluten-free croutons

Use Almonds Low FODMAP Salad

Low FODMAP Almond Recipes

If you’re looking for delicious recipes containing almonds that are low FODMAP then give these a go:

Other Almond Products

As you are probably aware, almonds can be found in a range of forms outside of whole nuts. Below we’ve outlined a couple of the common forms that almonds take and whether or not they are suitable for a low FODMAP diet.

Is Almond Milk Low FODMAP?

Almond milk is low FODMAP. That may come as a surprise as you’d assume almond milk would be packed full of almonds. However, almond milk tends to only contain between 2% and 5% almonds with the rest being made up of water.

If almond milk contains 5% almonds then a 200ml glass would be low FODMAP.

Be careful with homemade almond milk, however, as the quantity of almonds tends to be much higher. It can be as high as 20% which can mean you need to consume far smaller portions.

Is Almond Butter Low FODMAP?

Almond butter can be low FODMAP if you pay close attention to your portions. You want to limit yourself to 1 tablespoon per serving in order to ensure the FODMAP levels are kept low. This is the same for most nut butter, including peanut butter.

Common Almond FAQs

There are a number of common queries people have about almonds when following a low FODMAP diet. We’ve answered some of those below:

Are Almonds OK for IBS?

Almonds are OK for you if you suffer from IBS. But, be warned, that you’ll want to keep the portion sizes low. Try to only consume 6 to 8 whole almonds in one serving.

They contain good fats which can improve your gut health but they are also high FODMAP if consumed excessively.

What Kinds of Nuts are Low FODMAP?

Most kinds of nuts are high FODMAP if consumed in excess. Some nuts, however, are low FODMAP in normal portions which means you can enjoy them as a healthy snack. Nuts that are low FODMAP if you’re careful with your portion sizes are walnuts, peanuts, pecans and macadamia nuts.

To look at the other end of the scale, pistachios should be avoided.

Mixed Nuts FODMAP

Quick Summary

Almonds are difficult when it comes to following a low FODMAP diet because they are in general considered high FODMAP. However, if you keep your portion size very low, then you can include a few almonds into your diet occasionally.

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